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Web3 phone pioneer METAVERTU welcomes Saga to join the WEB3.0 world

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Web3 phone pioneer METAVERTU welcomes Saga to join the WEB3.0 world

February 24
02:00 2023

The world of Web3 is constantly expanding, and now it seems that the mobile phone market is the next frontier. As more and more people use smartphones to access the web, the demand for Web3 mobile phones is increasing. In response, both Solana and VERTU have announced their own Web3 phones: Solana Saga and VERTU METAVERTU.

METAVERTU, released in October 2022, was the world’s first Web3 phone, according to its makers, VERTU, a British luxury phone brand with 25 years of history. The phone runs both Android and Web3 systems and comes with a DApp store that provides a platform for decentralized applications, the ability to mine and create NFTs, and the VERTU Concierge service, which is a unique feature of all VERTU phones.

Solana Saga, on the other hand, was created by OSOM, a young hardware startup, together with Solana Mobile, a branch of the blockchain company Solana Lab. The phone is designed to allow people to easily and securely trade tokens, mint NFTs, participate in on-chain games, and access DApps. Solana is known for its fast and scalable blockchain, which makes it an attractive platform for Web3 applications.

The upcoming release of Solana Saga and the launch of VERTU METAVERTU represent a significant step forward in the development of Web3 phones. With the number of blockchain-based applications and services increasing, it is not surprising that companies are looking to cater to this market. The mobile phone is a natural platform for Web3, and as the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) has predicted, the majority of internet users will access the web via smartphones by 2025.

The Web3 mobile ecosystem will be enhanced as top players like VERTU and Solana race to pursue the Web3 mobile market. As METAVERTU said on Twitter, “Web3 goes mobile is inevitable,” and it seems that the future of Web3 is inextricably linked to the mobile phone. It will be interesting to see how these two phones perform in the market and how they shape the future of Web3.

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