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From An Immigrant Yogi To 6-Figure Sales Coach: Daniel’s Inspirational Journey Of Beating The Odds And Sharing His Fool-Proof Strategies

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From An Immigrant Yogi To 6-Figure Sales Coach: Daniel’s Inspirational Journey Of Beating The Odds And Sharing His Fool-Proof Strategies

February 20
22:40 2023

Daniel Matallana is a Sales Coach who has made over 6 figures in high ticket sales and also became a top performer in an 8 figure business. He has now put together an exclusive 90-day bootcamp with his best performing strategies about sales, productivity, and mindset to help high-ticket closers skyrocket their income.  It is an exclusive hands-on 1:1 personalized training with massive accountability, to ensure his clients are getting the exact support they need.

It wasn’t an easy journey as people portray on social media. After losing his job during the pandemic, Daniel tried his hand at several different ventures – e-com, selling meditation courses, affiliate marketing, and more – but none of them gave him the results he was hoping for. In despair, Daniel slipped into a cycle of procrastination and poor health habits, too ashamed to face his friends and family.

Fortunately, he was able to transform all the stress and uncertainty into fuel to turn his life around. Daniel committed himself to learning sales, an area he had never explored before. Through sheer commitment and hard work, he reached 6 figures in income in less than 2 years. But it didn’t stop there – eager to delve on his path of self-improvement, Daniel continued to invest in himself by learning new skills and knowledge that would help him succeed even further. As a result of his dedication, today Daniel is able to provide for his family, enjoy location independence and even surprise her mom in Colombia with her dream vacation to Petra and Egypt.

Daniel’s story is one of perseverance in spite of great difficulty – an inspiring tale of how anyone can turn their life around with the right attitude and mindset. His example proves that anybody can move past their comfort zone in order to become successful and achieve their goals, no matter what life throws at them.

If you’re motivated by Daniel’s story and want to follow in his footsteps, then look no further than the 1-1 coaching program he created specifically for high-ticket closers. His training helps people master the inner game of sales so they can upgrade not just their income, but also their health and relationships. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort like Daniel did, then this program is your ticket to becoming a sales savage.

To get Daniel’s free training on how to double your closing rate and land a dream high-ticket offer, visit his website:

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