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Haitian Immigrant To 7 Figure YouTube Empire

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Haitian Immigrant To 7 Figure YouTube Empire

December 19
17:18 2022

Born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti in 2001, Freud Vixamar migrated to the U.S after 2010 at the age of 9 with his parents with the hope of finding better opportunity. Freud Attended Elementry all the way to high school, just to fugure out that he’s lost with what dirrection to take on next in life. He started browsing the internet at the age of 16 to looks for a sustainable way to make income from the internet. After years and months of failure in early 2019 Freud discovered this new business model called YouTube Automation and ended up building a porfolio of channels on the YouTube platform that brings in 7-figure a year. Now Freud have created an education company call faceless freedom with the hope of helping others do the same. 

After starting Faceless Freedom, Freud and his team has been able to help of hundereds of individuals all over the world to be able to leverage YouTube to build a 6-7 Automation YouTube channels. Automated YouTube channels are channel with no face including in the video, which cause people like freud to hire a script writer, voice over, and a editor to place b rolls in the video to get the point across. We’ve all seen these channels and evern consumed their content but in the backend the owners are building a pasive income machine running these channels.

We’ve all seen the YouTubers that have been able to build massive following and wealth leveraging YouTube, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that their wealth is being built base of their attention. YouTube pays it’s creators due to the facts that advertiser are paying the platform to advertise their products on the creators videos, which not only reward the platform but also does that are creating content making it possible for viewers to stay on the platform.

The miscupception that you have to show your face and have a personality to make money on YouTube had been blown away by Freud and his team. Not only he’d blown this miscunception, he’s also but is leading the wave of new creators leveraging YouTube in a whole new way. 

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