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My Legal Software is a Powerful Case Management Software Created by Lawyers for Lawyers

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My Legal Software is a Powerful Case Management Software Created by Lawyers for Lawyers

December 19
15:39 2022

Mr. N.M.Gehi, Esq., Founded My Legal Software, a case management software company. His successful law practice and computer science background sparked the fire of thoughts and developed into creating My Legal Software. “We, as lawyers, faced the same challenges as all the other lawyers. To overcome and solve problems with the help of technology. We started our Research, but everything was a blank canvas. Our team put the dots and empty boxes on the canvas. With time a line started connecting, and the solution was right there; We invented My legal Software (MyLS).” Said Mr. N.M.Gehi, Esq., founder of My legal software. 

MyLS is a product of extensive Research and dedication. My legal software team tested it for over a decade before the official launch. Lawyers, legal tech experts, and IT experts worked on MyLS with only one aim to make your Law practice Easy. MyLS is a law and case management software company. My legal software has curated tech solutions for lawyers to make legal case management and operations management easy. The solutions are user-friendly and as easy as using social media. 

My legal software received a fantastic response from the clients and community of lawyers. Clients, some of whom were already using other Software, gave us valuable feedback. As a result, the products and solutions were an instant success because of the continuous upgradation resulting from clients’ feedback. Furthermore, the inputs from lawyers who are using case management Software for the first time, or using any software for the first time, or switching to MyLS from other Software gave a clear idea of the problems in the legal industry. 

Lawyers are facing technological problems. 

The education curriculum for a law degree does not include technology studies. As a result, primarily lawyers and attorneys come from a non-technical backgrounds. However, basic tech know-how is required to implement technology and grow the business. Most lawyers and attorneys rely on third parties for digital and technological aspects of their business. These third parties may or may not understand the need for legal professionals. Creating gaps and failing to meet lawyers’ needs means losing the top dollar. Without clients, there cannot be a business. 

My legal software is solving this problem.

My legal software is a team of Attorneys, lawyers, legal tech experts, and IT experts. With diverse team members and legal experience, they can quickly identify and resolve these problems. 

My legal Software

The only software in the market that is designed and developed by lawyers for lawyers. My legal software has two products Immigration speed for immigration lawyers and General Practice speed for all lawyers. The founder himself is an established Immigration lawyer. A team of expert lawyers, tech, and IT experts have collectively developed Immigration speed. Immigration speed has all the features like reasonable pricing, an all-in-one accounting system, an Integrated payment processing terminal, a Calendar and appointment management, a Client dashboard, custom immigration forms, auto-populating forms, etc. 

Another product from MyLS is General practice speed, created for General practice lawyers. General practice speed targets to resolve complex case management processes. General practice speed is a 360-degree solution for lawyers in litigation, criminal defense, employment law, personal injury law, personal bankruptcy, divorce, family court, and more. The General practice speed is a cloud-based platform with features like Accounting, billing management, document management, client dashboards, etc. In addition, general practice speed is customizable as per the needs of your practice area. 

The essential elements of products from My legal software are

–  Designed and developed by lawyers
–  To tackle problems faced by new lawyers, attorneys, and law firms.
–  Legal case management software with multiple integrations zoom, google, Cardknox, etc.
–  Features are added constantly to increase efficiency.
–  Subscription and innovative pricing plans. 

Mr. N.M.Gehi, Esq., led the team of My legal software, His technical background and established Immigration law practice are two pillars for building My legal software. My legal software team, under the supervision of the principal attorney, identified and created these products and solutions. In addition, the organization provides web development and SEO services for lawyers and law firms. The Websites developed are ADA-compliant, and all the SEO techniques comply with the FTC and other compliances. If websites do not comply with these guidelines, it can lead to lawsuits for hefty amounts. 

With all these services, another ground-breaking service that increases profits for attorneys and law firms is Remote staffing solutions. The company also provides talented professionals with extensive industry experience at reasonable compensation. There can also be an hourly rate arrangement if lawyers want resources for a shorter span. 


All these features, expertise, and vision from My legal software make it a market leader and a strong contender. New lawyers and law firms can benefit from the services, and established Attorneys and lawyers can optimize their efficiency. Effortlessly Grow your law practice with My legal software. 

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