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How To Choose The Perfect Silk Pillowcase: The Ultimate Guide

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How To Choose The Perfect Silk Pillowcase: The Ultimate Guide

December 16
13:08 2022

If people have ever looked at all of these silk pillowcases and wondered what the difference is, people should know that they’re not the only one who’s ever had that thought! Different sizes and different kinds of fasteners are just two of the many aspects that will go into determining which one is going to be the ideal option for them. Continue reading this article to find out what they should watch out for in order to get the best possible night’s sleep!


1. Examine the Material Made of Silk

Make sure that people’s silk pillowcase is made out of one hundred percent pure mulberry silk; this will ensure that they receive all of the wonderful benefits that silk has to offer for their hair and skin. Silk has properties that prevent premature aging and help hair and skin retain their natural smoothness and hydration. Polyester, satin, and rayon are three other fabrics that are frequently confused for silk by consumers. If people buy things online, especially used items, they should always make sure that they are getting exactly what they paid for.


2. Determine the Optimal Weight of the Momme

What exactly is a momme? The weight of silk, which is measured in units such as “momme or mm,” reveals information about the material’s heaviness and density. Silk weaves with a higher momme will be denser and more long-lasting than those with a lower momme. It will typically range from 19mm to 30mm in thickness for silk pillowcases.


3. Determine the Appropriate Measurement

There is no universal standard size for silk pillowcases. Make certain that prople correctly measure, or at the very least double-check, the size and dimension of their pillow. Depending on the retailer they choose to buy their silk pillowcases from, they can find them in a variety of sizes, including standard, queen, king, and even toddler size.


4. Obtain the Satisfaction and Resolution people Deserve

Examine the specifics of the silk pillowcases determine the kind of fastening it has available for use. Is it a zipper closure, envelope closure, or button closure? This is all a matter of personal preference, but it is important to keep all of this in mind before making a purchase.


5. Cotton on the reverse versus double-sided fabric

It is common for a silk pillowcase with a cotton reverse to be less expensive than a double-sided silk pillowcase. This is because the silk pillowcase with a cotton reverse prevents slipping and sliding while they sleep. One can also refer to it as a silk pillowcase with two faces. If people are the type of person who turns their pillow over in the middle of the night and they are interested in reaping the full benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, then a double-sided pillowcase is probably their best bet.


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