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Creative Media Enterprises LLC: Providing Opportunities to Work Smarter

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Creative Media Enterprises LLC: Providing Opportunities to Work Smarter

December 15
22:57 2022
Pursuing data automation for a more efficient business process

In this digital age, it is best practice to maximize the opportunities provided by the different technologies readily available today. Most business C-suite leaders don’t know where their data is and rely on heavily siloed processes that are costly and slow moving.

There are a lot of repetitive tasks that can be time consuming in the workplace and one example of this is organizing, updating, and maintaining data across a variety of systems. In cases like this, data automation is highly recommended, and Creative Media Enterprises LLC (CME) is ready to support efforts in automation.

All businesses deal with a lot of data, especially in the marketing, retail, and logistics industries. In a report published by TimeXtender, it was found that most data scientists spend around 45% of their time just on data preparation tasks, while 63% of employees report that they cannot gather insights in their required time frame. Given this situation, only data automation can solve this problem.

Through data automation, organizations will be able to use their data more efficiently because it provides software that can collect, clean, and store data in an organized fashion. This is one of the areas of expertise from the team at CME. They are encouraging workplaces to take advantage of this technology and eliminate the amount of tedious work that they need to do.

“If your data is siloed, you are missing out on important KPIs that could revolutionize your sales. By placing data in the cloud, department leaders and marketing teams have instant access to make actionable decisions,” shared CME’s Technical Project Manager Kiki Bittner.

Data automation can be done in different ways, and CME has five recommendations that companies can consider to boost the speed of their data processes. Foremost, data should be placed in the cloud because it is currently the most recommended platform where people can access data from any location or computer, smartphone, or tablet. The cloud can also be used as backup storage, so that people never lose their data again.

Another recommendation is using a layered approach or trying out a meta-data driven method. Lastly, pursuing automation is the best decision a business can ever make to not only protect data, but reduce cost in acquisition, increase productivity, and profit. CME can engineer, implement, and manage all of these data management recommendations.

A partnership with CME will enable businesses to gather data in raw form and structure for use in advanced analytics and AI, create a modern data warehouse with access to improved, enriched, and consolidated data, and build semantic models for self-service analytics all in one place.

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Creative Media Services LLC is a full service design and data agency providing: graphic design, web design, digital marketing, data automation, and promotional products. CME are Google and TimeXtender Partners.

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