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ArtSabers Treats Star Wars Fans With Unique Lightsaber Products, Breaking the Barriers Between Space Fantasy and Reality

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ArtSabers Treats Star Wars Fans With Unique Lightsaber Products, Breaking the Barriers Between Space Fantasy and Reality

December 15
22:45 2022
ArtSabers is a UK-based globally operating company specializing in manufacturing and retailing custom light saber products and accessories.

Star Wars is one of the most critically acclaimed movie franchises with a cult-like following that continues to grow even decades after the original movie debuted. 

Millions of fans across all compass points have dreamt of owning a lightsaber that would be as flamboyant and gorgeous as the one their favorite Jedi and Sith used. Innumerable companies ventured to create plausible replicas, but it wasn’t before ArtSabers came to the scene that the market received premium quality, well-made sabers as authentic to the originals as possible. 

ArtSabers is a company operating globally, founded to ensure Star Wars fans of all ages can own and enjoy the highest quality light sabers at remarkably approachable prices. 

What separates ArtSabers from contemporary lightsaber manufacturers is that this company is founded by an avid Star Wars fan. Knowing the books, the games, and the movies regarding SW culture like the back of their pocket, the founder of ArtSabers was committed to ensuring each product made in ArtSabers facilities was as close to the props Star Wars actors used in the movies.

The company was initially based in Latvia and wasn’t originally aiming to become the leading manufacturer of the finest lightsabers around the globe. As imparted by the company’s spokesperson, ArtSabers was meant to produce custom Star Wars accessories and clothing but eventually, the founders decided to tackle the biggest challenge – creating authentic lightsabers:

“After spending many years as part of the fandom, we realized we want to contribute more to the many fans that are just like us. We discussed several ideas such as selling custom T-shirts and figurines. However, it came to our realization that nothing says Star Wars more than the iconic Lightsaber,” said the company’s spokesperson.

With meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge tools in tow, ArtSabers began crafting the heavily acclaimed Lightsaber replicas. In contrast to contemporary alternatives, ArtSabers products did not compromise usability, functionality, and versatility for the sake of aesthetics. Each lightsaber looks almost identical to its SW franchise counterpart.

From Obi-Wan’s Blue Lightsaber to Darth Revan’s red Neopixel blade and the iconic Kylo Ren red saber with side pommel guards, each model in ArtSabers catalog boasts an unparalleled level of authenticity. 

As imparted by ArtSabers’ spokesperson, the company realized that among millions of Star Wars fans, only a small portion could afford high-quality lightsabers. To ensure all members of the SW fandom could enjoy its products, ArtSabers offers its products at highly approachable prices, stating:

“As longtime collectors of sabers, we always found pricing is the main obstacle to collecting quality hilts. We were able to work with high-quality manufacturers at more affordable rates, and thus offer unbeatable designs, quality, and experience to the fans like us at better prices,” ArtSabers’ spokesperson said.

More information about ArtSabers is available on the company’s official website

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