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Overcoming Racism Is Teaching The Importance Of Diversity And Inclusion And How to Providing Anti-Racism Training

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Overcoming Racism Is Teaching The Importance Of Diversity And Inclusion And How to Providing Anti-Racism Training

December 15
22:21 2022
Overcoming Racism is dedicated to providing workshops and training that aid in dismantling systems of oppression in the workplace. They are driven to uplift a diversity of cultures and teach the workforce how to foster an environment of inclusivity.

The world is an incredibly diverse place, full of beautiful cultures and people that deserve celebration for everything that makes them who they are. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. In the United States, many minorities face oppression and racism every single day. It continues even in the workplace, where they should be in a professional environment. 

Overcoming Racism is made up of a team of dedicated individuals bringing diversity and inclusion training workshops to everyone. These trainings and workshops are critical for everyone as systemic oppression is a real and dangerous threat to minority groups in the US. 

Overcoming Racism’s important services 

Overcoming Racism exists to provide a crucial spotlight on the devastating impact of racism on marginalized groups. Numerous studies have shown frightening statistics, such as increases in maternal-related death due to racism in the medical field. These issues cannot be ignored, and it’s imperative that organizations take steps to educate themselves and their employees. Education and training are the first steps to dismantling these existing systems to provide a safe and equal environment for all. 

The services and training Overcoming Racism offers start at the very top of an organization with coaching for an executive team. Giving the leaders of an organization the training and knowledge they need can begin a trickle-down effect that influences an entire company. 

Overcoming Racism can also offer an assessment of an organization to determine what areas they are lacking in and how they can improve. This is incredibly helpful for coming up with a future plan to address issues in the company and decide how they can be fixed. 

Intensive workshops, ranging from 2-6 half-day sessions, teach the employees about racism, diversity and inclusion, and the daily hardships of minority groups. These workshops educate on those issues and then continue to train employees on how they can make a difference in their personal and professional lives to stop racism. It is up to every single individual to begin making a larger impact on the country and the world as a whole. 


Overcoming Racism has taken on a crucial role in breaking down the systems that exist today that treat marginalized groups poorly. This dedicated team is available to speak at events and summits and can even go through a company’s policies to weed out issues. Old policies that haven’t been updated in years or even newer ones that are written to single out certain groups can be detrimental to employees. 

Online courses on their website are a great place for anyone to get started. It is the active decisions to seek out education and training that begins the larger movements that ultimately begin making a difference in the systemic oppression and racism in society.

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