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Real Estate Is Still the Safest Investment in Arizona

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Real Estate Is Still the Safest Investment in Arizona

September 17
06:42 2022
Real Estate Is Still the Safest Investment in Arizona

Kelly Clauss, Arizona’s top real estate advisor.
Real estate investment is fast becoming a trend in the world, and it is rightfully so, as real estate is inarguably a safe, secure, and tangible investment for value appreciation.

According to a recent survey by, the values of Arizona homes increased by 7%, with home sales also increasing by more than 11% in 2021. These indicators have proven that real estate investments in Arizona are still a hot cake no one can afford to miss out on at the moment, thanks to the relative affordability and booming economy.

Since 2020, the economy of Arizona has been on a steady rise. In October 2020 alone, more than two-thirds of jobs lost during the novel Covid-19 pandemic had been recovered, and by the end of 2021, full job recovery had happened.

Of course, the primary influencing factor of the housing market in Arizona is the growth of jobs. And with the booming economy, which cuts across the rise of more industries and a reduced unemployment rate, now is the best time to buy homes for real estate investment—the better the economy, the stronger the purchasing power of the residents.

Also, Arizona is a landlord-friendly state with landlord-friendly laws. These accommodating laws make rental home buying much easier. This cuts across security deposits, lease agreements, evictions, etc. These laws also ensure timely rent payment while ensuring tenants provide accurate lease and application information.

Generally, real estate investment in Arizona allows you to experience cash flow, build equity and wealth, and reduce taxation.

And undoubtedly, now is arguably the best time to invest in one of the safest investments in Arizona. But then, realistically, there is a question that begs an answer: managing the associated risks. Of course, all businesses have risks, so how do you manage this risk when investing in Arizona real estate?

How To Lower Your Risk

Wealth or lack of it is not a factor in real estate; have some money, and you are good to go. Secondly, you can lower your risk by selecting a proper and guarded location for the home you want to buy.

Buying homes in “just-perfect” locations is your best bet to enjoying real estate investments in Arizona to the fullest. The value appreciation rate of such homes can never be exaggerated.

Undoubtedly, location can be a significant deciding factor in how lucrative your real estate investment may be, whether you are a buyer or a seller. And this is why you must ensure you carefully consider where a home is before buying – for buyers.

You also need the help of an expert who is also experienced in the Arizona Real Estate Marker to help you navigate the multiple choice available. And this is where Kelly Clauss can be of help.

Kelly is all about helping people make good decisions, driven by her love for seeing people get a solid and practical deal for themselves. Kelly has 17 years of experience, especially in the east valley, and has helped several persons find the best deals possible.

Are you looking to sell or buy a home in or around Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, or Scottsdale? Then you should consider giving Kelly a call.

However, understand there is no risk-free investment; the risk level only differs. Essentially, ensure to create a stable yet flexible portfolio to allow for long-term development.

According to the One bank rate, real estate will become the most popular investment in 2022, and Arizona is the best place to start. Arizona Real estate is the perfect choice for real estate investment, thanks to the numberless opportunities available alongside the various Arizona realtors who can help you locate decent risk-reducing locations for investment. 

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