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Best-Selling Author Dr. Kellie Diane Empowers Women to Heal Their Soul Wounds

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Best-Selling Author Dr. Kellie Diane Empowers Women to Heal Their Soul Wounds

August 09
04:39 2022
Dr. Diane is helping women realign their life so they can be their best selves and thrive.

Entrepreneur, social media influencer, and best-selling author Dr. Kellie Diane is a paragon of women empowerment with her message of positivity, self-love, and healing. Through her platform and personalized coaching, Dr. Diane helps women navigate their life’s journey to overcome their stumbling blocks and be aligned with where they should be.

According to Dr. Diane, aligning with one’s divine purpose is the key to self-awareness and transformation to their higher self. However, soul wounds or those unhealed traumas from childhood often derail people from stepping into their life of abundance, creating toxic conditioning, unfulfilled purposes, and stunted growth.

As a survivor of domestic violence and physical assault, Dr. Diane understands how deep and encompassing soul wounds can be – even until adulthood. That’s why she now uses lessons from her journey of self-discovery and healing to help others break free from the invisible shackles that prevent them from rebuilding a healthy and happy life. She gives those who were derailed new insights on how they can pivot and evolve. Dr. Diane also equips them with the tools and resources to continue thriving in all aspects of their life despite challenges that may come their way.

In her book, Soul Wounds: Evolving Past Your Pain Into Your Purpose, she dives deep into her most painful and vulnerable moments to show critical life lessons that can encourage others to start their journey to healing. The book opens avenues for introspection and rediscovery of life’s missing pieces.

Throughout the years, Dr. Diane has brought impactful and positive changes to many lives. She has helped women realign, so they can evolve past their traumatic pain and step into their true path with a renewed sense of self. They were able to realize that they can accomplish so much more than they give themselves credit.

To quote Dr. Diane, “If you keep showing up for yourself, you will never become lost, simply becoming.”

Connect with her today: Purchase a copy of Soul Wounds here. A signed copy is available here.

About Dr. Kellie Diane

Dr. Kellie Diane is a true multi-hyphenate empowered woman. Aside from being a bestselling author, she’s also a successful entrepreneur, coach, registered nurse, and ordained spiritual minister. She holds Doctoral Degrees in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling, Masters in Business, and Bachelors in Nursing. Dr. Diane’s life goal is to help women heal their soul wounds, empower them to thrive, and walk in their divine authenticity. She’s currently sharing her expertise through motivational speaking and individualized coaching.

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