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From bridal parties to sweaty sports teams, demand for cryotherapy is growing

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From bridal parties to sweaty sports teams, demand for cryotherapy is growing

July 07
12:03 2022
Frotox, cryoslimming parties and team sports rehab: America Cryo’s targeted cryotherapy device helps spas, PTs and cryo clinics grow their businesses

When Florian Moreno brought the Subzero, the original localized cryotherapy handheld, to market in France 20 years ago, he knew its targeted, ultra-cold short treatments could help elite athletes—both human and equine—recover faster and experience less pain. A Grand Prix show jumping competitor, he introduced the device to sports trainers, physical therapists and equine veterinarians first in Europe and later in the U.S., where the products are now manufactured.

What Moreno didn’t foresee was that what started as a way to help athletes’ painful knees, swollen ankles or overused shoulders would turn into one of the hottest modalities in aesthetics. Now, however, luxury spas are selling out of multi-session packages of Subzero cryoslimming, which freezes fat in one-minute applications, and of relaxing Frotox frozen mist facials, which temporarily tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Both services are popular for bachelorette, Girls Night Out, birthday and bridal parties as well as among clients who want to maintain their appearance.

What is localized cryotherapy?

Localized or targeted cryotherapy uses short bursts of highly pressurized carbon dioxide to rapidly drop skin temperature, triggering neurocryostimulation, a process that activates the body’s healing response to relax muscles, promote flow of blood and nutrients, and reduce pain.

For both pro and amateur athletes, localized cryotherapy can provide drug-free pain management that is quick, easy and repeatable. It’s also increasingly used to reduce the daily aches of joint conditions such as arthritis.

Applied over plumper areas of the body, targeted cryotherapy also freezes fat and tightens skin, with some clients seeing a one-inch reduction in girth after their first session from the combined effect. Additional fat-freezing (cryolipolysis) sessions can help clients maintain and increase that loss.

Frotox facials feature a much softer frozen mist delivered through the Subzero’s optional diffusing cone. The relaxing facial temporarily smooths skin and induces a rosy glow.

Because targeted cryotherapy takes one minute or less to deliver per focus area, many spa owners, PTs and chiropractors report that they’re not only seeing more clients each day but also that they’re selling more multi-session packages of services, boosting their bottom lines even as they reduce their clients’.

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