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Aiming For A New Era Of Decentralization, Hypernation Announces The Launch Of Its Utopia Inspired Community Governed Metaverse Ecosystem

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Aiming For A New Era Of Decentralization, Hypernation Announces The Launch Of Its Utopia Inspired Community Governed Metaverse Ecosystem

May 24
23:07 2022

HyperNation, an open-source protocol has announced plans to launch its Utopia inspired community governed ecosystem. This will function as a complete decentralized ecosystem with blockchain as its key protocol. It will feature a Utopia governance based metaverse where users will be able participate and perform their financial activities in a virtual simulated environment. 

Keynote Ambassador of the platform Mr. H said “What HyperNation is striving to offer is revolutionary, something that has never been achieved before. While there have been attempts to offer decentralized cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum, a Utopia based governance ecosystem that has its virtual existence within a metaverse, is yet to be achieved. HyperNation takes this initiative to ensure true community governance while allowing them to enjoy economic freedom.”  

To become a citizen of this nation, or join the HyperNation ecosystem, a user is required to get an exclusive NFT from HyperNation collection, which is a cryptographically secure token that is fungible and unique to the user only. In other words, the NFT is a kind of your ID card but in the HyperNation, and within the HyperNation ecosystem, the NFT provider is the strategic partner HyperNFT.  

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About this strategic partnership with HyperNFT, Mr. H said,

“With the strategic partnership with our key technology partner HyperNFT, which is soon going to launch their HyperNFT platform and their exclusive collection Hitchhiker Of Star (HOS), HyperNation users will be required to collect HOS NFT collectibles which can be further used as a status of identity. All holders can use HOS to enter the HyperNation world to participate in a series of derivative products such as land purchase, game P2E, real estate purchase, etc.

Besides, staking (HOS) can also be used to stake NFTs to get more returns.” 

Furthermore, owning the HOS NFTs will make users a citizen of the HyperNation metaverse whereby they can go anywhere freely, and perform all sorts of activities within the metaverse. In real life, it may not be easy for a user to travel to other places, but it is different in the metaverse. This NFT will be a passport without borders, and its value in the future is also very worth looking forward to, because HOS NFT itself has room for appreciation, and the value of HOS NFT empowered is even more promising in the future.

To access the ecosystem, users will be required to get hold of our native token. There will be token sale details of which will be shared on the website. So anyone interested, may visit website and register themselves for early access.

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