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Coaching Mentor Helps More Inexperienced Coaches Reach Their Full Potential through Teaching Services

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Coaching Mentor Helps More Inexperienced Coaches Reach Their Full Potential through Teaching Services

May 06
02:06 2022
Coaches and leaders of all niches are advised and mentored by Mr. Michael Wagner on how they can improve their coaching skills and implementation

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – While participating in team activities or companies under supervision, it is often assumed that the coach or leader heading the activity will be flawless in their role. That is not always the case and newer coaches can often fumble with the task, leading to a major backlash from the team. Although many believe this situation can only be avoided through experience, Mr. Michael Wagner believes different.

Mr. Michael Wagner is a coaching and leadership mentor who aims to provide mentoring to individuals learning how to lead others. Being the ‘coach’s coach’, Mr. Wagner focuses on teaching his client how to build stronger relationships with their teams and ask the right questions to get to the point. He started as a karate student and earned his black belt in American karate. After that, he moved on to becoming a full-time coach for karate students. He believed that there was a gap between inexperienced coaches and much more adept ones that could be bridged with a bit of mentoring. That is when he decided to begin teaching other coaches and junior leaders the fundamentals of being a good coach so they do not make the same mistakes everyone else does and can feel the growth.

He further developed this service into a full-fledged business, mentoring younger, aspiring individuals. Mr. Michael always had a passion for teaching and coaching which is what got him here and motivated him to help others. His services are not exclusive to a particular field. Rather they cover each niche and expertise, be it business-related or physically related. The way he instills these coaching attributes into his clients is by focusing on two main perspectives. The first perspective is how to build better relations with the employees or players working under the client. Mr. Wagner recognizes the importance of having healthy, open communication which leads to stronger bonds between the management and staff. This in turn can have a positive impact on the working environment and attitude of fellow peers towards each other.

The second perspective is to ask the right questions which are direct and simple. This crucial step allows employers to gain the necessary information without having to invest too much effort. It also helps employees know what is expected of them and how to go about their jobs and job-related tasks. Mr. Wagner believes that other than improving relations between his client and their staff, this also increases retention meaning they can keep more clients and be more efficient at their designated duties.

Mr. Wagner believes that strong leadership is vital in making a strong generation. If a leader is strong and capable, his workers are also much more productive and content with the workplace.

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