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TabinekoKIKI Partners Up with CultDAO with a Spirit to Fight Centralization

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TabinekoKIKI Partners Up with CultDAO with a Spirit to Fight Centralization

May 05
00:45 2022

Their spirit of decentralization aligns very well, as two long term projects with great causes, TabinekoKIKI and CultDAO, join forces to fight centralization and make a difference in this world together.

Spirit of Decentralization – A Redefined Approach

Fighting centralization with the power of blockchain and web3.0 is the reason TabinekoKIKI was founded: ‘’Back in 2020, one of my cats (Aimer) was dying from FIP (known as the incurable deadly disease for cats). We took her to different veterinarians, and every one of them told us the only thing we could do was to spend our final time with her and put her to sleep before it got too painful. My family and I were heartbroken and hopeless. Many friends of mine had their beloved cats pass away from this evil “cat-killer” disease, and everyone told me the best I could do for Aimer was to let her go. I remember holding her on my legs at the last vet we visited, as she kept purring and kneading my arms as always, as nothing was happening. I can still see the picture that I shattered many tears on her balloon-like belly in the veterinarian waiting room.

That was when I decided that I would go beyond my comfort zone, my limits, and try every single thing possible to save her from dying, against all odds. Talking to my long-time friend Shino, I was shocked and indignant to find out there was a cure to FIP unofficially. I went beyond my boundaries for some research and bought a medicine called “GS-441524” using some currency called “USDT.” That is my very first experience of cryptocurrency and is still what I love about blockchain and web3. That we are able to break down walls, to connect, to demolish class barriers, to make information Equal, to make supplies and services available to the World, to free people from oppression by corps and politics, to start over and build an independent financial and social system together for PEOPLE, for everyone to contribute, to utilize, to free ourselves, regardless of our classes, regions, races, genders. No Barriers.”

TabinekoKIKI – Tsubasa

TabinekoKIKI spreading love in both real and crypto worlds

The core concepts of Tsubasa, “Loving, Caring, Free, Healing, and Anti-Labeling” make it a symbol of freedom. During the creation of Tsubasa artwork, the project focused on creating a relaxing, uplifting, and refreshing feeling for the audience, with elements like wings, stars, winds, codes, flowers, and melodies. TabinekoKIKI believes that love and passion are wings that can be used to break down boundaries, eliminate labels, abandon stereotypes, understand, feel, and love, and to create a free world that belongs to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, class, or even species. Tsubasa is also the record label and fashion label of TabinekoKIKI ecosystem.

TABI is the deflationary ecosystem currency and payment token of TabinekoKIKI and Project Tsubasa, where they support artists, content creators, animal/minority charities, with establishments of exhibit curation, record label, and fashion branding. As TabinekoKIKI and Project Tsubasa evolve and grow into various events and activities in the metaverse, TABI serves as the one and only reserved currency for the vast majority of Project Tsubasa spending and rewarding mechanisms in both the metaverse and reality.

TABI – Redefining Relations Between Art, Love and Blockchain

TABI is supported by a well-established team, and products and services delivered. Optimized tokenomics ensure the long-term viability and growth of both the TABI Token value and the Tsubasa NFT price.

TABI Tokenomics and Taxation

Token Symbol: $TABI 

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Tax: 3% 

Tax Breakdown: 

  • 1% USDC Reward Pool

  • 1% Tsubasa Reward Pool

  • 1% TABI Marketing + Charity

1% of All Transactions will be added to the USDC Reward pool. It will subsequently be provided to Tsubasa Stakers at a consistent rate that is not impacted by volume in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

1% of All Transactions will be used to buy Tsubasa as rewards for:

  • TABI Holder Lottery

  • Buy Contests

  • “Spread Love” Events

  • Fan Art / meme Creation Events

  • Shill / Marketing Awards

About TabinekoKIKI

TabinekoKIKI aims to create a peaceful corner for everyone to enjoy and be their true selves, regardless of gender, race, region, religion, or class, by connecting, feeling, loving, and supporting friends with aligned vision and spirit in the web3.0 space.








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