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Mystic Girls Club Launches New NFT Collection – The Mystic Boys

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Mystic Girls Club Launches New NFT Collection – The Mystic Boys

May 04
15:50 2022
Mystic Girls Club Launches New NFT Collection - The Mystic Boys
After the success of the Mystic Girls Collection, Mystic Girls Club is releasing a brand new NFT collection. Mint a Mystic Boy and receive the NFT as part of the MysticVerse game.

Mystic Boys Collection

Mystic Boys are the second NFT collection developed by the from the Mystic Girls Club project. Each of the 4,444 Mystic Boys are a product of amazing art, uniquely designed and algorithmically generated on the Solana blockchain.

Aside from being impressive works of art, the Mystic Boys will also be used as characters in the ‘MysticVerse’ game. The Mystic Boys minting will be opening on April 30th.

The Story

The MysticVerse comprises six different nations, each having its own unique climate and culture. In a melting pot of traditions, old adversaries hold grudges and the threat of war is ever present. Depicting a class representation of real-world globalization, it has a similar dynamic. Whilst some nations are openly hostile, other nations form alliances with the hope of progressing towards peace. Yet other nations attempt to stay neutral, shying away from actively participating in the international paradigm due to its instability.

The theme revolves around the Mystic Goddess summoning Mystic Heroes (players) to diffuse the situation. NFT holders can decide for themselves which side deserves their support within the MysticVerse. In a world of conflict, the players will do their part to make the MysticVerse civilized, prosperous and well acclaimed.

MysticVerse Game

A player will start off by building their settlement.  They will first minting land with SOL or $MYSTIC to participate in the game, and a comparable NFT that may be exchanged on the open market will be used to establish ownership of the settlement. Non-MGC holders can participate by using SOL for a limited time. After being minted, the Player would be assigned to one of the six major nations randomly. The user interface will change depending on which country the settlement has joined. Each settlement’s stats and resource generation capacity will be randomized, encouraging trading by bringing inherent rarities to each settlement. Finally, the Player will be able to assign Mystic Girl or Mystic Boy NFTs to the settlement as Chancellor and General, respectively, to improve resource creation and other advantages. It will be possible to appoint more than one Chancellor or General, up to five, but the benefits will decline as the number of assigned NFTs increases. If a player has many Mystic Girls / Boys, this encourages them to build various villages. As part of the game the Player will expand and upgrade their settlement as they progress through stages of growth. Resources will be generated over time and used for various in-game activities.

For complete information, visit: Future Plans: MysticVerse


The $MYSTIC token which will be for in-game use, is earned by staking a MGC NFT. Tokens will be used to mint settlements and will be useable to purchase new traits for Mystic Girls and Mystic Boys. Moreover, holders will use it to perform a Mystic Ceremony with two Mystic Girl and Mystic Boy NFTs to produce a Mystic Baby.  Players will also be able to summon and collect pets for thier Mystic Girls and Boys as part of the game.

About Mystic Girls Club

Mystic Girls Club is an NFT project focused on promoting inclusion and diversity in Web3. Promoting female talent in the NFT industry, and giving back to woman focused charities, is a key goal of the project. In line with this goal, they have selected a female artist to design the project collections. Now following the success of their Mystic Girls Collection, they are expanding the project theme to become the ‘MysticVerse’ in which the Mystic World game is set. The expansion to the MysticVerse will include a second drop – the ‘Mystic Boys Collection’ – as part of the project. Future collections will also be released as part of the MysticVerse game.



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