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Ravendawn Eternal brings a new epic, game-first blockchain MMORPG experience in a bid to redefine the NFT space

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Ravendawn Eternal brings a new epic, game-first blockchain MMORPG experience in a bid to redefine the NFT space

May 03
05:42 2022
Ravendawn Eternal leads the way in reimagining NFT utility by developing a fun long-term blockchain-based MMORPG adept at linking all types of gaming enthusiasts — whether casual players, investors, or hardcore players.

Ravendawn Eternal is leading the charge in the Blockchain revolution after unveiling a play-2-earn topdown MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on Blockchain and powered by Polygon. 

Nicolas Schrik, creative director of Ravendawn Eternal, says the game has been developed for over five years by a professional game studio that is committed to developing Eternal following key design principles such as endless customization and self-sustainable economies, as well as a dynamically changing game world forged and changed by the players. 

Schrik says the result is an exciting, complete, and deep game-first MMORPG experience, with the bonus of earning cash by playing and being a part of the ever-growing and changing world. 

Schrik announced that the team behind Ravendawn Eternal is building an entire Ecosystem around Ravendawn Eternal. The Ravendawn Ecosystem is intended to bring increased long-term value and utility to any NFTs apart of this universe as part of efforts to reimagine the NFT value. Backed by YGGSea, Nexxt Capital, Spectre, Shima Capital, RainMaker, and several other strategic partners, Ravendawn Eternal has a solid and long-term Roadmap with a complete Ecosystem planning that will reimagine the NFT utility by providing more value to asset owners over time.

On Ravendawn Eternal, players can explore a dynamically ever-changing world filled with lore and puzzles. They can also select how they wish to earn Token rewards, while the in-game economy and the Gold/Token generation are completely driven by the player base through a real-world algorithm-driven demand and supply system.

The Munks, which are all present all over Ravendawn and have always been into business and trading, are as civilized as humans, making them an excellent fit for handling the monetary aspects of Ravencrest. 

Schrik says Ravendawn will have banks where community members can safely keep their most valuable goods. This utility promotes flexibility in handling equipment and resources and facilitates better inventory management so members can venture out into the world without worrying about goods. 

Ravendawn NFTs will all see the utility in all of the Ravendawn Ecoverse Titles. Through these titles and over Ravendawn’s five-year roadmap, the team vows a close look to continuously increase the value of all the NFTs by allowing their use in all games. 

“Creating a strong and large community is essential to a great MMORPG, and having a completely Free-to-Play model is one of our cornerstones to accomplishing that,” Schrik says.

On Ravendawn Eternal, members can claim a plot of land anywhere to build their own house and farm, collect Ravencards to further customize their unique character, gather resources to craft powerful weapons, and battle other players in an open-world experience. Eternal is presently Whitelisting players for a very limited Land Sale, which is slated for next month. Members can still apply for a Land Sale Whitelist to become a Landowner and own a piece of Ravendawn Eternal. The limited land supply will have increased value and utility throughout their five-year roadmap instead of being strict to a single project. 

The land ranges from Small Estates to Medium Estates, Large Estates, Strongholds, and Forts, and owning a piece of land means members are a big part of the economic cycle of the game, as it allows them to practice various activities that may reward them with Tokens. They also get passively earn 50% of all tokens generated in the game. 

The team added that Living Phoenix Entertainment, the Studio behind Eternal, has solidified its space in the game industry for nearly a decade.  

“The team, composed of members who are passionate about video games, especially the MMORPG Genre, values key principles such as endless customization, player-centered design, and player-driven economy – which all serve as crucial values to rebuilding what made MMORPGs on top of its game,” says Schrik. 

Those who want to learn more about Ravendawn Eternal and its efforts to integrate Web3 may visit the website or join the Discord community to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements.

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