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SharpLight Launches New Omnimax S3 Skincare Treatment Device

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SharpLight Launches New Omnimax S3 Skincare Treatment Device

January 25
11:53 2022
SharpLight Launches New Omnimax S3 Skincare Treatment Device

Sharp Light is proud to announce the launch of the state-of-the-art, non-invasive Omnimax S3 skin and hair care device. The three-in-one equipment comes packed with the following technologies: Verma Derm, Radiofrequency, and Dynamic Pulse Control. The Omnimax S3 device is the latest worldwide to combine these technologies into one system to deliver a powerful treatment that can be used on the face, scalp and hair. The equipment is also designed to be used with the Omnimax S3 Hand piece, a revolutionary handheld device that can be used to deliver the Omnimax S3 treatment.

In addition to its versatility and ability to work for all types of skin and hair, Omnimax S3 has also been clinically proven safe for use. According to a spokesman for SharpLight, “Our Omnimax S3 solution was developed in conjunction with several healthcare providers across North America to give cosmetic patients flawless look and feel. We are confident that our new cutting-edge device will deliver a better solution than any other system available on the market now.” The device eliminates the need to use three separate skin and hair treatment appliances, combining them into one for ease of use.

Easy setup is the hallmark of the Omnimax S3. It takes only a few minutes to get the machine ready for use. The Omnimax S3 is also easy to use. It requires only a single touch to start the treatment. The user simply selects the desired treatment area, adjusts the device’s settings, and then starts the treatment. Due to its convenience, optimum performance, and safety, many cosmetic clinics and salons are now using the Omnimax S3 to deliver treatments, ranging from acne to hair removal.

Treatments are adaptable, quick, and effective, with little downtime and no side effects. After a few sessions, users will notice visible and surpassing results. The gadget can be used as a stand-alone treatment option or in conjunction with other cosmetic skin and hair procedures. SharpLight has fine-tuned the equipment to include laser technology for skin resurfacing.

With a starting price of $75,000, the Omnimax S3 is a high-end technology suit that can be used in a wide range of settings. The dynamic pulse control technology comes with three configurations. These include smooth pulse, long pulse, and high pulse. Each setting is tailored to deliver unique treatment results for conditions ranging from acne to vascular lesions.

The use of RF technology reduces cellulite and enhances the body’s contours. In addition to stimulating collagen production, the wave energy from the device penetrates deeply into the dermis, resulting in smoother, firmer, and tighter skin. The Verma derm technology even penetrates the skin pores deeper up to 4 millimetres and heats up the tissue to break down unhealthy fats. These innovative aesthetic technologies can improve and prolong the results of beauty treatments.

About SharpLight

Privately held SharpLight develops med-aesthetic technologies, including the Omnimax S3. The company is based in Vaughan, Ontario. The company provides various non-invasive light-based and laser treatments, ranging from tattoo removals to hair removal. Its services are tailored for standalone and combined treatments and can be used for aesthetic and medical applications. The company conducts research and development in Israel while meeting cosmetic patients’ needs within Canada.

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