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Sun Point Counseling: Offering Culturally Competent EMDR Counseling in Lancaster

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Sun Point Counseling: Offering Culturally Competent EMDR Counseling in Lancaster

January 24
12:27 2022

Lancaster, PA – Sun Point Wellness Center is proud to provide evidence-based culturally competent EMDR therapy, in additionto their already comprehensive list of mental health services. This expansion will allow them to meet the growing demand for EMDR counseling, which has been shown effective for PTSD treatment and other trauma related conditions. EMDR Certified Therapists: Marcus Lewis, Yanina Marti & Laura Morse will now lead the largest team of EMDR practitioners in Lancaster County – making them a top choice for EMDR Therapy.  Additionally, their team has over 20 EMDRIA trained Counselors who offer a range of EMDR services, including treating: phobias, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, overcoming attachment trauma, and more.

Sun Point Wellness Center has expanded its EMDR trauma counseling staff in order to meet the needs of an increasing patient population.  The team is led by both Laura Morse and Breesha Comish of Sun Point Wellness, along with Marcus Lewis overseeing their Florida counseling services.

“The EMDR counselors at Sun Point are dedicated to providing top notch care for our community,” said Morse. “With offices conveniently located in Lancaster county along with virtually, the new counselors will provide sessions for adults, children and families who need help coping with stress or moving past trauma.”

EMDR therapy has been shown to be successful for treatment-resistant PTSD and other anxiety disorders. This holistic therapy improves trauma symptoms by combining guided eye movements along with hand tapping and bilateral audio tones. The sessions work by desensitizing a person’s response to traumatic events, which can help ease their anxiety and improve their ability to function in day-to-day life.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is a type of psychotherapy that has been proven effective in healing deeply rooted trauma. The technique involves having the client focus on an image or thought related to their traumatic event while simultaneously moving their eyes back and forth or from side-to-side. It has been shown to reduce distress levels, feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, guilt and irritability. Now, with their expanded EMDR team of therapists, Sun Point Wellness Center is accepting new clients who are looking for help in overcoming distressing life events such as abuse or assault.

Sun Point Wellness Center’s EMDR counselors all have experience in trauma work and are highly qualified to help talk through sensitive trauma histories. The center offers flexible schedules and a safe environment for their clients and  they can feel comfortable talking about their past so that they can live in their present lives free of fear. The goal is to help each client heal quickly by dealing with their mental health issues in a safe space and process their emotions without fear or judgment.

Morse and the counselors at Sun Point Wellness Center of Lancaster, Pennsylvania offer a FREE phone consultation to give interested parties a chance to speak to someone and determine if EMDR therapy would be helpful.

Visit the website at to find out how to make initial contact, and get started on the path to a happier, healthier life.

About Sun Point Wellness Center:

Sun Point Wellness Center believes that all people who come for therapy have unique needs. Their therapists will work with clients to understand their needs and provide high-quality counseling and treatment for individuals, couples, and families. Evidence-based therapy and caring, compassionate approaches are the best way to help people on their path to wellness. The center is conveniently located in downtown Lancaster or virtually throughout the states of Pennsylvania and Florida.

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