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XL Pitbull & American Bully Puppies for Sale Breeders Mark Seven Years Of Quality Animals

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XL Pitbull & American Bully Puppies for Sale Breeders Mark Seven Years Of Quality Animals

January 10
23:57 2022
Burrnationk9s offers Pitbull and American Bull puppies which conform to the highest American Bully Kennel Club and United Kennel Club standards for structure, temperament, and health. The breeder preserves and improves the breed as American Bully and Pitbull Terriers.

Burrnationk9s and Alandise Harris are pleased to announce the 7thh anniversary of their program, which offers XL Pitbull & American Bully puppies for sale. The goal of the breeding program is to produce gorgeous, muscular, athletic, clean, and huge show-quality puppies for sale. No other pitbull kennel in the United States can compare with the breeding results. The kennel produces the biggest and best Bully and Pitbull puppies. The puppies conform to the United Kennel Club and American Bully Kennel Club standards for temperament and conformation. The Burrnationk9s website is to showcase the kennel and its Pitbull breeding accomplishments.

The Burrnationk9s Kennel is the home of beautiful American Bullies. These puppies have the absolute top bloodlines for the breed. They are notable for their size and ability to work. The puppies are show-quality dogs in weight pulling and protection. They are also valued and loved family members. Their owners enjoy participating in many dog-related activities.

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The Burrnationk9s puppies are typically calmer in drive than the original Pitbull Terriers and are more suited to be family pets. Some of the characteristics showcased in the American Bullies breed include their willingness to please the owner, fantastic musculature, incredible size, and amazing temperaments. The American Bully/Pitbull puppies look like baby lions; full-grown animals leave people speechless at the rapidity of their growth.

Prospective owners of the puppies include individuals, small business owners, athletes, and family. The puppies can be hand-delivered or shipped anywhere in the United States and internationally. When meeting a new potential owner, a video interview is arranged. The kennel vets potential buyers to ensure they are responsible owners dedicated to providing a loving home for the puppy for sale. The Burrnationk9s puppies are bred for large or small families. Currently, they are being used as family guard dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. Their calm temperament makes them non-aggressive, protective, and loyal to their new family.


Alandise Harris, the owner of Burrnationk9s Kennels, is also a full-time professional basketball player. He strives to ensure that the breeding program exceeds expectations. He spares no expense in care and time when providing genetic research of the dogs.

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