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Shamayun Miah on self-improvement as a management consultant

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Shamayun Miah on self-improvement as a management consultant

January 05
16:42 2022
Shamayun Miah on self-improvement as a management consultant

Management Consultant Shamayun Miah believes that continuous self-improvement is the key to success in life as well as business. He has been featured on online news platforms for his tips and advice about transitioning into the field of consulting. 

“I have always believed in personal improvement and development. I think being conscious of one’s abilities, skills, and, most importantly, shortcomings are crucial in bettering oneself,” he says.

He says that he’s always encouraged strategic thinking, innovation, and growth-oriented actions in his business plans. 

Shamayun Miah says that he is not discouraged by failures but sees them as opportunities to grow, failure is life’s greatest teacher.

“I have never been intimidated by new ideas and always encourage my team to bring them to my attention. If we decide they’re good, we try to implement them.”

“If any did not work, which was often the case, we would learn from them and move on,” he adds.

Shamayun Miah says that he tries his best to create an environment where people could innovate and try new things in a safe space. He believes that this also helps him learn. 

“I feel that I have a responsibility towards my team to help them develop. I’ve had the opportunity to have great mentors who have helped me throughout my career.”

“I always try to help others when I can, whether through advice, mentoring, or just sharing knowledge,” he recalls.

Shamayun Miah said that it is important for future leaders to build valuable skills, stay current and specialize in a specific domain or industry. He goes on to say that another key factor for senior leaders is to learn and develop strategic thinking which is forward-looking. 

“This helps ensure future success for your business and it’s paramount to the success of your organization.”

“You should develop skills that help you to strategically look forward and be able to achieve that extra mile,” he advises.

Shamayun Miah says that he is fascinated by disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, quantum computing and cloud technologies and continues to work with clients on extraordinary projects.  As the market is disrupted through digitization we need to innovate at scale and speed, harnessing leading edge technology to solve some of the biggest problems in our companies and society.    

“I am learning new things every day and I believe that investing in one’s education is the best investment one can make. And when you can apply your learning to your clients, that is very rewarding,” he adds.

Highlighting the importance of self-improvement and education, Miah, plans to spend more time coaching, and mentoring young entrepreneurs and startups. He says that in the long run he intends to use his wide expertise to help early stage entrepreneurs  expand their business and networks.

“I am already doing this today in an unofficial capacity. But I would like to do more of this in the future.” he quips. 

Miah is already involved in several charities, helping communities, underprivileged children, and women in many developing countries. 

“I would welcome more opportunities to help others, to lead a charity or maybe even start my own charity in the future,” he adds.

Another valuable principle of a management consultant, according to Shamyun Miah, is ingenuity. 

In an interview with IMC Grupo, Shamayun Miah discussed why ingenuity is important and that leaders should demonstrate focus, management skills and be supportive. 

In another more recent interview with Tech Bullion, Miah discussed the factors that distinguish highly successful consultants from the rest. 

He says that strong problem solving skills is the most important and relevant skill set to consulting work. This is because it’s a consultant’s job to face problems all the time, and propose solutions. If there weren’t any problems to be solved, consultants wouldn’t exist.   

Another important skill on the path to self improvement is learning how to prioritize. Managing constant problems on a regular basis means gaining the ability to prioritize what is most important. 

Miah says that the best consultants can take a look at their to-do list and know exactly what needs to be done first. He goes on to say that while it’s not an easy skill to master especially when you have a lot to do, it can certainly be learned with experience. 

Part of pursuing continual self-development as a consultant is learning how to improve your communication skills, and to eventually develop excellent communication skills. Communication is an important skill to learn to get people to work with you, to inspire and create a vision where everyone believes and shares a common purpose and goal. It’s incredibly important to have great communication skills when you are working with your client and colleagues. 

Shamayun Miah also recommends building strong business acumen. That means becoming knowledgeable about business concepts and learning how to apply them comfortably. Examples of business acumen are knowing how to read financial statements, assess financial risks, research skills, understanding market and industry trends and more. 

This feeds directly into Miah’s next tip, which is to develop your analytical skills. Being a consultant means you’ll need a combination of both soft skills and hard skills. Having an analytical skillset means you’ll be able to interpret information and propose quantitative data-driven solutions. 

Broadly speaking, it’s also important to have leadership skills if you want to work as a consultant. You will certainly be responsible for leading people towards solutions, and it’s your job to get them to trust in your expertise and credibility. 

Leadership is important because as a consultant, you will be required to lead other people, including clients on your team and keep them accountable. There is always some degree of stakeholder management, internal and external, that goes into consulting. 

Another factor that is sometimes overlooked and considered a character quality instead of a skill is flexibility, but flexibility is indeed a learned skill and an important part of being a successful consultant. Things change always, and whether it’s a particular project or an entire industry, you should always expect change and offer to be flexible. 

Finally, Miah explained why Consultants more than ever need to practice mindfulness, which strengthens one’s resilience and emotional state in these uncertain times, helping us to increase awareness and focus on the moment, being open-minded and being conscious of the emotional state of our co-workers and how they feel.  How we can regulate our behaviour towards others without being judgemental.  

These are just a few things that Shamayun Miah recommends management consultants consider as they progress through their careers. 

Want to learn more about Management Consultant Shamayun Miah? Visit the Official website of Shamayun Miah for more information, tips and advice for consultants as well as all the latest news.

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