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Mike “Tate” Tetreault Is Breathing Life Into The Culture And Business Of The Real Estate Industry

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Mike “Tate” Tetreault Is Breathing Life Into The Culture And Business Of The Real Estate Industry

December 31
19:30 2021

Mike Tetreault Is Breathing Life Into The Real Estate Industry

In an industry dominated by older brokers, Mike “Tate” Tetreault is changing everything people should expect from a real estate brokerage. When he first entered the real estate scene as an agent in 2017, Tate was incredibly successful, but he felt limited by the selection of brokerages. Each brokerage was run by some old AARP aged broker stuck in their ways and afraid of change. Ready to challenge the industry, Tate opened his own brokerage and started The Tate Team.

Tate has a very specific vision for his real estate brokerage. For this reason, he wants to be the face of the company, while creating a culture of empowerment and diversity. Growing up, no one could pronounce his last name, Tetreault, so it became shortened to “Tate,” giving him the nickname he has adopted today. Tate chose this for the name of his company because he has a big personality and it grabs attention. He also feels it takes pressure off of his agents since, if any problems arise, he is already established as the face of the company and has no issue with taking the heat.

Whether it is school, work, authority figures, or even peer pressure, Tate refuses to let people box him in. He is a free thinker, not afraid to come up with better ideas and challenge the accepted norms. As a real estate agent, he knew there was no need for an office since most agents spend their time with clients at properties. “So that’s where I saw a big opportunity for disruption and change in the industry… Once COVID hit, it only reinforced my idea to make my brokerage 100% virtual,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

The Tate Team sets itself apart in that Tate is 100% sole owner. Without a business partner, franchise, or corporate umbrella making the rules, the success of his business is on him. He makes big decisions that payoff, even if they seem risky from an outsider’s perspective. But Tate feels confident betting on himself. He will routinely take all the earnings from the brokerage and reinvest it back into the company to accelerate its growth. Doing this, he retains control over his vision and his business all while on track for rapid success. “The last thing I want is an outside influence with control, trying to dilute the culture I’m building here at The Tate Team,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

One of the biggest pitfalls Tate sees in the real estate industry is that it remains dominated by white baby boomers and Karens. They are all franchises or local mom and pop operations out of touch with today’s society. In other agencies, there is no place for an agent under 40 or the non-privileged without it being awkward. Tate is shaking up this paradigm as he is building a diverse culture of agents with dynamic personalities who understand the changing needs of today’s landscape. Tate is all about attention too and social media is a big part of his brand.

Attention in today’s society equals money and power. It is more valuable to any business than any Ivy league education could ever be.

The Tate Team is here to bring the real estate industry out of the stone ages and into the 21st century. Tate loves helping solve problems and finding creative solutions, but he refuses to do it at the cost of his personal values or the integrity of his team. You can follow Tate on Instagram @theofficialtate.

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