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11-Year Old Girl Forms Sorority to build Authentic & Genuine Sisterhood

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11-Year Old Girl Forms Sorority to build Authentic & Genuine Sisterhood

December 31
19:21 2021
The Sorority has been created to encourage genuine relationship building amongst females between the ages of 6-20.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD, USA – A new sorority called BETA IOTA IOTA BETA (BIIB) has been created by an 11-year old girl called Cailyn Davis, with the objective of building an authentic and genuine sisterhood while doing away with “mean girl mentalities”. This Sorority has been created to encourage genuine relationship building amongst females between the ages of 6-20. It is creating a space that will allow the members to be comfortable with uplifting and encouraging each other.


Cailyn Davis, the young brainchild behind this Sorority lives in Capitol Heights, MD. She had started a book club called Beauty Is In The Books when she was 7 years old. But as the years passed, she felt there was more she needed to do as she witnessed mean girls in several situations. So, she spoke to her mom and told her she wanted to build a sisterhood that would be so strong that girls would not want to be mean. With her strong zeal and determination, Cailyn went on to create the new Sorority.

“Our mission is to do away with the MEAN GIRLS mentality and build up a sisterhood that is so powerful that ALL GIRLS would want to live by our CORE VALUES and join us while we build a genuinely strong sisterhood all over the world,” says Valencia Davis, Director of Operations, at the BETA IOTA IOTA BETA. “We want to have a platform where young girls can enlighten each other on how they can stand out and take up opportunities whether in leadership or education. Literacy has also been a huge barrier against positive progress in most communities all over the world and our organization is seeking to promote high literacy rates amongst young girls.”

The new Sorority has set out some basic requirements for the members that include:

* Monthly book reads

* Community service

* Monthly events

* 100% parent commitment

* 1 fundraiser per year commitment (each sister has to come up with one)

* Parent commitment to monthly meetings/workshops

* Commitment to market chapter

* Good weekly check ins from parents

* Commitment to each induction ceremony


The Sorority has 3 chapters: 

* Buttercups (means Humility) – ages 6-8 years

* Bells (means Affection) – ages 9-12 years

* Tulips (means Perfect Love) – ages 13-16 years

Each chapter has been named after a flower because the sorority wants to recognize and give the sisters their flowers while they are here to smell them.

The colors in the Sorority logo have been thoughtfully chosen to convey a special message: Purple represents transformation and strength; Pink represents femininity and kindness; Teal represents open communication and clarity.

“As member of this Sorority, sisters can look forward to positive and transformational experiences of personal growth,” notes Valencia. “We’ve created BETA IOTA IOTA BETA to add to those experiences and provide our members an opportunity to dig deep to explore issues affecting their lives and talk about the real things happening around them. Members can expect a safe space where they will be allowed to be themselves and have fun while building lifelong sister bonds.”

In addition to providing a platform for bonding, the Sorority is expected to spark some great conversations among women. It will play an important role to help them be more self-assured and inspire them to lead the way for culture change on their campuses and in the society.


The Sorority plans to distribute a Quarterly Newsletter that will point out the things that they have going on in that month in addition to other things.

Each month a sister will be spotlighted on their Social media platforms and in their quarterly newsletter. The Sorority also plans to do something special for each sister for her birthday.

“Our goal is to provide our sisters with the best experience of community life and help them build life-long friendships and trustworthy network that they can always count on,” says Valencia. “We are strongly committed too upholding our core values – Commitment, Positivity, Loyalty and Passion.”

The Open Interest seasons for the Sorority are scheduled to be held in January, April, July and October. To express interest, email [email protected] to complete an application.

For more information about the sorority and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Valencia Davis (Director of Operations)
Email: Send Email
Phone: 240-512-6142
City: Capitol Heights
State: MD
Country: United States