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The World Egg Bank Is Now The World Egg & Sperm Bank

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The World Egg Bank Is Now The World Egg & Sperm Bank

November 17
16:22 2021
The World Egg Bank Is Now The World Egg & Sperm Bank
The World Egg & Sperm Bank now offers sperm donation for parents seeking a sperm donor.

The World Egg Bank, the first US egg bank with nearly two decades of innovation and egg banking firsts, continues to set the Gold Standard for Quality and Ethics, now as The World Egg & Sperm Bank. As The World Egg & Sperm Bank, we are proud to offer another innovative industry first: PureSperm™ donor sperm.

“We wanted to bring donor sperm the same Gold Standard for quality and ethics that we’ve pioneered in donor eggs,” says Diana Thomas, Founder and CEO of The World Egg & Sperm Bank. “As corporate consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions have brought upheaval, confusion, and increasing opaqueness about the sources of egg/sperm donors and their care, The World Egg & Sperm Bank has continued to uphold the highest quality and ethical standards for donor care and safety, medical and genetic transparency, and comprehensive reporting and record-keeping.”   

“PureSperm™ is an innovation that has been truly needed,” adds Dr. Kimball Pomeroy, PH.D. and Scientific Director of The World Egg & Sperm Bank. “For too long, the term ‘frozen dirty pellet’ has been accurately used to describe donor sperm. PureSperm™ corrects this by purifying donor sperm through a gradient column, a gentler way of preparation that protects the sperm. It filters out leukocytes, bacteria and debris that may be present with the sperm. It also avoids the production of reactive oxygen species which may modify the sperm membrane and impair fertilization (RJ Aitkin et al. 1987, 1992, 1994). Further, PureSperm™ uses a new-generation cryopreservation medium to maintain semen function and DNA integrity while maintaining a stable environment. The result for intended parents is higher quality, greater efficiency, less waste, and lower cost.”

As part of establishing The World Egg & Sperm Bank, we have opened a new state-of-the facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. We continue to set the global benchmarks for donor ethics, staff expertise, screening procedures, quality control, technical capabilities, and reporting metrics. And we are able to enforce those benchmarks thanks to our experienced professional staff upholding a single standard of care within one integrated facility.

To learn more about becoming a sperm donor, please visit:

Diana Thomas explains the importance: “It ensures we continue to control full end-to-end logistics from donor recruitment to delivery so we can best meet the goals of intended parents and the healthcare providers who serve them: to optimize the opportunity for a pregnancy, and also meet responsibilities to a future child.”

About The World Egg & Sperm Bank (formerly The World Egg Bank)

The World Egg & Sperm Bank has been the leader in egg banking since 2004. As the first independent egg bank, we established a robust structural foundation that other egg banks have attempted to follow. In 2021, we expanded our leadership to offering donor sperm. We have been honing our protocols and operating system, adopting new legislative guidelines worldwide, and incorporating cultural, ethical, and clinical changes to our service for decades. We have created a reliable, sustainable, trustworthy company that can respond to changes in patient and clinical expectations as they arise. We are not focused on marketing gimmicks or misleading patients with emotional hooks; we are science-driven based on our own extensive data collected over many years. Outside appearances are easy to create – but transparency, substance, and facts build a company’s reputation.

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