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Accent Advisor teaches people how to speak with an American accent

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Accent Advisor teaches people how to speak with an American accent

November 13
04:00 2021
US-based company Accent Advisor specializes in helping students learn and speak with an American accent through accent reduction and pronunciation training.

All Accent Advisor classes are one-on-one and hosted online via Skype by highly qualified accent coaches from diverse backgrounds. The company teaches what is called ‘Broadcaster English’ or what is considered the standard American accent.

Students are taught how to use rhythm and intonation to not only boost their confidence in public speaking but to also develop a professional presence and improve communication skills for business environments.

American accent training made easy 

“Learning English can be tough. Words are not always pronounced the way they are spelled. And the same word sometimes has multiple meanings. English is famous for that. Or it may be that the learner’s strong accent makes it difficult for others to understand them. This can lead to some very uncomfortable moments for everyone involved.” says company representative Laura Campbell. 

“Being misunderstood is especially common over the phone. We spend a good portion of our lives doing business or making personal arrangements over the phone. That is usually the primary frustration that brings students to us.” continues Laura.

Accent Advisor’s focus is concentrated on accent reduction or neutralization and pronunciation training.

“We don’t just repeat the sound, we show students exactly how to make it. We teach the mouth morphs and movements that are unique to the American dialect, helping them to learn how to pronounce individual words and complete sentences as a local would. ”

“The reason we teach ‘Broadcaster English’ is that it’s considered the most professional form of English in the US and not associated with any specific region.” adds Laura.

24/7 Availability

All Accent Advisor classes are taught one-on-one online via Skype and personalized to address each student’s particular needs and challenges resulting in faster improvement. Sessions are available around the clock.

“We have coaches around the world to facilitate 24/7 coverage, so students can pick a time that’s convenient for them. We are incredibly proud of our coaches. Each accent reduction tutor we employ is selected for their enthusiasm and expertise in pronunciation and accent training. We also monitor the service provided by our coaches and always welcome feedback from our students to ensure we live up to our five-star reputation,” concludes Laura.


Accent Advisor is a US-based company that specializes in teaching students how to speak with an American accent through accent reduction and pronunciation training. Personalized online sessions are taught by a global team of qualified coaches. Accent Advisor boasts 700+ five-star reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot.

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