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PBNYOF Touted As The Greatest Holiday Gift Idea Using Real Photographs

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PBNYOF Touted As The Greatest Holiday Gift Idea Using Real Photographs

November 09
16:50 2021

Paintbynumbersonline has released their product PBNYOF (Paint by number your own photo) which it touts as the greatest holiday gift this festive season.

The amazing product allows users to turn any photo into a beautiful paint by number kit that they can either paint themselves or give as a gift to friends and family this Christmas.

And for people who would rather not have a physical product, the company also offers a mobile app through which users can paint by numbers wherever they are.

The paint by number kit works by providing numbered sections on the canvas to offer aspiring artists better guidance through the process of painting. 

Describing the process as very therapeutic and capable of boosting self-confidence, Paintbynumbersonline says its number kits have been proven to increase concentration and help with the relaxation of the mind and body. Adding that it has one of the biggest libraries of canvases and provides high-quality paintbrushes as well.

“Mindfulness Painting is the process of creating the moment of NOW using paint, paper and brushes.  It is a creative practice of learning to focus and meditate on the moment.  With your brush in hand, the practice allows you to open more to presence, spaciousness and mindfulness. It is a form of relaxation with no focus on the frustration of not painting well.”

The paint by number kit was invented in 1950 by Dan Robbins after he was hired to work at Palmer Show Card Paint as a children’s books illustrator. The kits were inspired by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci who had created a similar system when he taught painting that revolved around numbering specific areas of the canvas.

Paintbynumbersonline insists that its number kit is an excellent way to manage stress and cope with anxiety.

“Using the kit allows you to become present and focused on the moment. You can use the time to keep all of your attention on the paint by numbers kit, instead of using it to worry about something that’s beyond your control. The kit can give you a few hours each day until you finish, a sense of purpose and a way to completely escape from the world around you.”

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