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November 09
13:03 2021

All On Page One is an American company that was founded to empower consumers by offering “unlimited search results” on each 1st page. Try having 586 Weekly Ads Pop Up on Page One!

“Sometimes something new and exciting comes along that makes life a little easier. We all know that online shopping can be difficult. It can be a royal pain… especially when we need to take advantage of as many coupons, sales, and specials as possible, or hunt for that special item we are desperately searching for. Money management is not easy these days, and every little bit of help is so appreciated. Everyone feels this way! That is why All On Page One leadership thought “out of the box” to make each shopping experience easier, faster, and less aggravating.“

According to statistics featured on, only 25% of users go to any second page of search results. Further studies and research have suggested that up to 95% of internet sales evolve out of the first page of searchresults, which leaves a scant 5% of remaining online sales to anyone else. Hardly an encouragement to almost all wonderful products and services that have a zero chance of occupying any cherished first page search resultsspace.

Think about it…

849 wonderful ‘clothing’ shopping options and choices are available for people to see. Only 10 spots available on each page. Under the usual format, shoppers have no way to looking at, and having access to more than 10 – chosen for them – search results. Hardly seems to be the best use of online “real-estate” from the shopper’s point of view!

The 10-a-page format has been the standard for the longest time and some suggest it was designed to reward brands and firms that are more interested in investing in search engine optimization than for the convenience and ease of those shopping for their services and products.

New, smaller brands that are not as strong financially find it difficult to compete with PPC ads and social media campaigns launched by large, mature business entities, hence discovering products and services that are not featured on the first page is almost impossible.

How can they “squeeze” 849 into a space reserved for only 10. Musical chairs at the worst!

All On Page One is different. They provide lists of hundreds of businesses and their products for free. No competing. No positional manipulation.The all-on-one-page concept is meant to familiarize consumers with a broader spectrum of products and services across all niches and categories, offering the consumers the ability to pick desiredproducts quickly by speed scanning alphabetically down each 1st page of listings. There is no longer an advantage to “get to the top of the 1st page” – as all listings are equally included alphabetically so that visitors can skim quicklydown the page, make a single click to enter any store. It’s that simple. It’s that fair!

All On Page One’s introduction of “unlimited search results” is the first of its kind on the internet, providing customers with all the options, not advertising. The unlimited search result concept is not just unique, but it’s also utilized by All On Page One exclusively. They are committed to redefine the way customers shop online.

According to All On Page One’s spokesperson, “Shoppers want faster results, more choices“and “shoppers do not want man-made limitations of search results“.

Just think about it…

Take the Clothing category and try and figure out how long it would take, how many pages would have to be clicked on to reach 849 clothing choices? At 10-a-page, a shopper would have to click 85 times to hopefully reach 849 stores and products.

On this new format – ONE click allows shoppers to glance through the alphabetical list of 849 search results, andinstantly click into any stores and products they choose.

All On Page One is committed to creating a comprehensive list of as many businesses and products as customers can and want to consider. In addition to offering links to a myriad of firms and companies, All On Page One also features links to ten of the best-rated eCommerce sites in the USA.

All On Page One offers free listings for products and brands that will qualify as ‘family-friendly’ websites. Business owners interested in free listings are invited to reach out to All On Page One through the ’Contact Us’ link. More information about All On Page One can be found on the brand’s official website.

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