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New app lets users cash in on their data

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New app lets users cash in on their data

October 30
03:21 2021

Jonesboro, GA – October 29, 2021 – You chat with a friend over a messenger app. Share a recipe with an online cooking group you belong to. Like an interior designer’s latest project photos and save a few holiday ideas to your pinboard. All along the way, companies collected data on you. They know what kinds of things you like and which companies would be a good fit to advertise to you. But how did you benefit from the data these online companies gathered from your interactions? They are sure to make big money from their user’s data, but the users never see a dime of that. Now, it’s time for you to cash in on your data.

Tapestri is a new app that is easy to use, free to download, and earns you extra money every month. The app runs in the background of your phone. As you go about your day, it picks up on things you like, things you don’t, and the things it thinks you could benefit from, all without you having to do any extra work. Best of all, at the end of the month, you’ll earn up to $25! That’s $300 a year to pay for Christmas, car repairs, groceries, or even a weekend away!

“Data is the world’s most valuable commodity right now,” explains John Castano. “We’ve seen data-driven companies become billion dollar businesses in the last decade. The CEO’s of these companies have become thought leaders but the entire base of their wealth, the data they get from individuals who use their services, hasn’t really benefited the users directly. Tapestri is changing all that. Tapestri allows you to keep doing what you enjoy, but at the end of the month, it rewards you for sharing your data with the app.”

Other apps gather significant information from users including location data, financial information, online purchases, and search history. The data that Tapestri gathers is primarily about how users interact with retail locations and all information the app gathers is anonymous. Even though Tapestri is a data gathering app, user privacy is still very important. When a user downloads Tapestri, their name, email address, and all of their data are hosted in separate servers on the cloud and the data becomes 100% anonymous.

For users looking to maximize their earning potential on the app, there is a separate section where users can fill in surveys for extra cash. There is no requirement for users to complete surveys in order to get paid. Users who refer friends to the app will also receive extra commission.

Downloading the app is easy and free. Simply visit

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