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Rethinking Outdated Work Routines For the New Remote Economy

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Rethinking Outdated Work Routines For the New Remote Economy

October 16
04:27 2021
Employees are now in the driving seat for the first time in a very long time. With this change, comes a real opportunity for regular people to reinvent their lives.

Remote working is nothing new.

‘Telecommuting’, as it was once known, has been around since the 1970’s. The recent pandemic together with advances in technology have brought about the perfect storm of opportunity to allow regular hard working people take a permanent break from the deadly daily commute.

Over the period of the pandemic, it is estimated that over 1.25 billion ‘knowledge workers’ have been able to take advantage of the unanticipated silver lining of the global chaos.

After some initial hesitation, many people are very reluctant to give up the convenience, time and the stress reduction that has come with remote working.

Even big business has come on board with the likes of Twitter announcing that their employees never need to come back to an office again!

With this shift in mindset comes an incredible, never seen before opportunity for people to rethink how and where they work and even who they work for. With this change, comes a real opportunity for regular people to reinvent their lives.

There is a hidden challenge however, that is impacting millions of people’s ability to take that leap. While bigger organisations are helping their employees with this new way of working with training workshops and providing the infrastructure required, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are left to figure it out for themselves. It can be a confusing time navigating between new technology set up, business ideas and plans and maintaining professionalism in front of clients especially from home.

The good news is that there is incredible support available for our startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners once you know where to look.

The Rethink Academy helps thousands of people every year build their business and remote lifestyle from home. In addition they help bridge the gap for those considering swapping sides from the big organisations to creating their own startup business through pursuing their long held dreams.

Their “Rethink Remoting” program and upcoming book of the same name, specializes in exactly this and assists those making that leap by giving them the tools, tactics, advice and support needed to finally take “remote control” of their lives.

According to the authors of Rethink Remoting Paul O’Mahony & Johnny Beirne, “Millions of people have sat on the fence for decades to pursue their hidden dream of having and growing a business. For many, covid initially killed the dream completely, however that nightmare is coming to an end. Right now is the most perfect time there has ever been to maximise the opportunities brought about by the remote revolution.”

What is stopping you from taking remote control?

For more information please visit Rethink Academy’s website at

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