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BackAware Belt Launching Kickstarter to Protect Back Health with Biofeedback Device

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BackAware Belt Launching Kickstarter to Protect Back Health with Biofeedback Device

September 23
21:54 2021
Aiming to transform the way we lift and move forever, the BackAware Belt offers wearable technology that gives instant feedback on lifting technique and posture.

Kilkenny, Ireland – September 23, 2021 – The BackAware Belt announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to initiate the pre-order sale of the device that will help fix and prevent back pain, now and in the future, for users who are concerned about their lifting technique, be it exercising or day to day. The comfortable wearable technology provides instant feedback about back position allowing the user to improve their technique and posture at home, work, or the gym.

“I came up with the idea for BackAware Belt after seeing hundreds of patients come to me with back pain that could have easily been avoided,” explains CEO Dr. Eoin Everard. “Most backpain is caused by the way we move or lift, and even how we sit. We overload certain areas of the spine, which can have life-long consequences. I thought if I could come up with a way to make people aware of their back position before they lifted, or remind them that they may be in a poor stance, a lot of long term anatomical problems could be solved.” Eoin Everard is the founder of the BackAware Belt and is a chartered physio with a PhD in human movement.

Poor lifting technique and imperfect posture can lead to severe back pain, as well as ineffective workouts. Arthrokinetic Inhibition occurs when joints are in an incorrect position, and as a result, muscles do not fully contract and workouts are ineffective. This means we will not see improvements in muscle tone when we have poor technique.

With BackAware Belt technology, the wearer gets instant feedback about their back position with a gentle vibration, much like a physical therapist or personal trainer giving a gentle reminder. Additionally, the BackAware App provides additional training to improve overall technique with technique videos for gym, Pilates, and back rehab available to those who purchase the belt. Furthermore, the belt can be used sitting at your desk and a message will be sent to your phone discretely to say to adjust your posture.

“Our technology is fixing the surprising reason you do not see the results you should from your fitness training, and fortifies your back for long-term wellbeing,” continues Dr. Everard. BackAware Belt is usable in any position, during any exercise, and in a range of settings, to ensure the correct muscles are activated.

The BeltAware Belt has huge applications for all contexts, from the elite athlete to desk worker. This game changing technology perfects alignment and ensures better general health. BeltAware products will be initially available through the Kickstarter campaign for pre-order this month, which you can access here. You can access more information about the product on the company’s website here:

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