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AdAmp Levels the Playing Field for Small Business

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AdAmp Levels the Playing Field for Small Business

September 22
23:27 2021
The Power of TV Advertising No Longer Only for Big Businesses.

AdAmp is a self-service platform bringing the TV advertising to local and small businesses. The power of TV to build and grow businesses is not a secret. It is so powerful, the two largest digital media brands spend over a billion dollars on TV ad spend to promote their brands and products. Unfortunately, until now, that power has only been accessible to large brands and businesses.

AdAmp is changing this paradigm by providing the small businesses with direct access to advertise on the top TV networks and programs, bypassing the complex process of navigating through agencies and salespeople that big brands can handle.

Local businesses and agencies can launch a TV campaign with the AdAmp platform in minutes in three simple steps:

1. Upload or create a commercial

2. Set the daily budget and the campaign duration

3. Select audience

Audience selection is where the AdAmp tool shines. It is built specially for small local businesses, allowing businesses to choose specific zip codes and audience demographics they want their TV ads to be seen. This greatly reduces waste by assuring your ad is targeted to the audiences who are likely to convert into customers.

The benefits of AdAmp don’t stop there. Transparency has long been the thorn in the side for those advertising on TV. AdAmp provides 100% transparency on the performance of their campaigns. Customers can see, in near real time, how many times their ads are being seen by the specific audience they have targeted.

Steve Saper, CEO of AdAmp, explains the passion for helping small businesses, “Now is the time to democratize TV access and this is just the beginning. We are excited about the growth we were able to deliver to our clients so far. Here at AdAmp, we truly believe in providing the best opportunities for growth for our small businesses.”

AdAmp currently provides nationwide ad coverage across all TV platforms, top networks and programming. This includes all of the streaming, video, cable and broadcast platforms. They leverage their scale to negotiate deep discounts on TV inventory and pass those savings to businesses advertising on their platform.

Steve is excited for the future, “Our vision is to enable advanced data capabilities in a simple-to-use platform so small businesses can get even smarter with their ad dollars. We know TV is the most attentive advertising channel (beyond search and social) but we don’t want to stop there. We want to prove it is also the most effective.”

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