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How Clixpert Acquired New Clients, Increased Profit & Expanded Its Business During the COVID19 Pandemic

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How Clixpert Acquired New Clients, Increased Profit & Expanded Its Business During the COVID19 Pandemic

September 22
11:55 2021
How Clixpert Acquired New Clients, Increased Profit & Expanded Its Business During the COVID19 Pandemic
Clixpert Google Ad Agency Sydney
The COVID19 pandemic has hit businesses hard, with many struggling to stay afloat. In such difficult times, Clixpert has not only managed to quickly adapt to the new normal but has also expanded its business and acquired new clients. So, what is their secret? Read on to find out.

We live in unprecedented times. The COVID19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on businesses around the world. Everyday, we hear news of our favourite local restaurant having to shutdown or how some small mom and pop business was struggling to keep their business going. But that’s not the whole story. While some businesses are struggling, some others are thriving. Take for instance Clixpert Google Ad Agency in Sydney. The company, unlike so many others, has managed to expand its client base, increase its profits and has grown during the pandemic. So, how exactly did they manage all that? Here’s a quick overview of how their quick thinking and clever marketing has kept them going during these difficult times. 

Quickly Adapted and Restructured to Suit the Changing Times

As a Digital Marketing Agency, the company was no stranger to constantly having to innovate and adapt to changing trends and customer needs. And that’s exactly what they did during this pandemic. They quickly figured out a way to keep it business as usual despite the lockdown. By working from home, setting up virtual meetings with potential clients and spreading the word on social media that they were open and doing business while following the restrictions in place, they were able to not only reassure their existing clients but also get the word out to new clients that they were easily accessible and competent enough to handle the complexities of the adverse times.

Connected With Their Audience on A Regular Basis

When it comes to the online world, being visible and being heard is important. The goal is to never lose traction. Clixpert managed to publish engaging, informative posts on social media, send out regular newsletters and provide Interesting Digital Marketing eBooks for Download. Doing so meant the brand was always in the top of their clients’ mind and even if a client didn’t immediately reach out to them, there was always the possibility that when they need a service, Clixpert will be the first name that pops up in their head. When you show customers how much value you can bring them, they are sure to take notice. And all that interest will eventually convert into sales.

Stay Updated and Stay Relevant

In the world of Digital Marketing, if you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, you’re not staying on top of the game. Clixpert invests a lot of time and effort in staying updated. They encourage their staff to invest in themselves by investing in continuous learning. When your staff are well-informed and knowledgeable about the changes in the industry, they can contribute business ideas and maybe even identify new income revenues for the business.

The company admits that it hasn’t been easy, but nothing in the world worth having ever is. Instead of panicking and focusing on the negative side of things, the company chose to look at the pandemic as an opportunity and a challenge – to educate and encourage more businesses to take the leap into Digital Marketing. Many businesses that were previously hesitant to take the big step realised that Digital Marketing was an inevitable and vital part of a business’ marketing strategy in today’s world. And they chose to trust Clixpert to handle their Digital Marketing requirements and help them navigate the online business world.

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