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Kayolab Expert Explains: “Teen acne and adult acne can differ greatly”

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Kayolab Expert Explains: “Teen acne and adult acne can differ greatly”

September 21
00:33 2021

During her career, Certified Dermatology Physician Assistant and Kayolab ambassador Nicolle Finn has noticed that many clients do not know how to treat adult acne properly and often use treatments that are not suitable and can cause more harm than good. She shares her insights on the main differences between adult and teen acne, along with the proper ingredients that can help fight it.

How Adult and Teen Acne Differ 

Nicolle Finn explained, “Teen and adult acne can differ greatly, and treatments depend on the type of acne it is. Teenage acne tends to be found more in the T-zone area of the face, while adult acne is typically hormone and stress-induced. Adult acne tends to be found more along the chin, jawline, chest, and back.” 

As teenage skin is naturally oilier than adult skin, it can handle stronger acne treatments. But skin becomes more sensitive and dry as it ages, and treatments designed for teenage acne become irritating and unsuitable. Therefore, gentler treatments that are easier for the skin to tolerate work best for treating acne throughout adulthood.  

Key Ingredients in Fighting Acne and Other Adult Skin Problems

A skin analysis survey conducted by Kayolab with 2,000 respondents from the USA shows that 91% of adults fight breakouts, 78% need to treat clogged pores, 72% want to improve skin texture, and 67% want to fade dark spots. Aside from acne, adults also worry about wrinkles and aging. 

According to Finn, glycolic acid is becoming a popular treatment both for adult acne and wrinkles. “Glycolic acid helps de-clog pores, control oil, and can assist in fading post-acne marks,” she explains.

Simple yet effective ingredients in Kayolab products such as FDA-approved high concentration glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and squalane are all supported to be helpful at taking care of all adult skin issues while leaving the skin healthy and moisturized.  

Typical Mistakes and Proper Adult Skincare Routine

One of the most common mistakes people make is not wearing sunscreen regularly. This increases the risk of skin cancer, accelerates the aging process, and can lead to skin discolorations. “Another common mistake I see is people with oily skin not using moisturizer. All skin types need to use moisturizer to repair the skin barrier and promote healthier skin,” says the Physician Assistant. 

She continues to explain, “A full skincare routine is best, but that doesn’t mean you need to use 50 different products. Cleanser and moisturizer are crucial to use twice a day. Sunscreen is needed in the morning and throughout the day. I like to keep simple skincare when dealing with acne and avoid using too many different types of serums.” 

All of the information provided points to an essential-based minimalistic routine being the best for clearing up adult acne and assisting the aging skin. 

About Kayolab

Kayolab, founded and formulated by American dermatologists, creates 360° skincare routine acne to fight problems from adult acne to occasional breakouts. The minimal formula with a powerful effect doesn’t damage the skin barrier but effectively solves skin issues.

Kayolab products are powered by the Triple Acid System® and contain FDA-approved high concentration glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and squalane.

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