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Kayla Brissi on Transforming Lives and Embracing Change

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Kayla Brissi on Transforming Lives and Embracing Change

February 17
22:33 2021
Kayla Brissi on Transforming Lives and Embracing Change

Some people say that the most palpable manifestation of greatness lies in one’s unparalleled ability to positively influence change and become a light to others. These people have the skill to harness others’ potential and possess an unmatched capacity to catalyze transformation and make a difference. As a result, they create significant strides across industries and make the world a better place.

As someone passionate about catalyzing change, Kayla Brissi made it her mission to transcend limits, break barriers, and transform lives. For this reason, she created platforms that encourage transformation.

Becoming an instrument of change is no easy feat. However, several outstanding individuals go over and beyond to pursue this noble endeavor. To them, change is a beautiful circumstance that ignites passion and propels people towards the summits of success. As a result, they lead lives that inspire greatness and exceed expectations. Having been motivated by the power of transformation all her life, Kayla Brissi uses her skills to help people step out of their comfort zones and embrace change. 

Hailing from Escanaba, Michigan, Kayla Brissi always had a knack for creating a better world. Ever since she was young, Kayla would find herself inspired by the zestfulness of life, which ultimately motivated her to create a path that sparked change. Her passion and perseverance propelled her to become an instrument of hope and breathed life to her change-making platform, Kayla Brissi LLC.

Passionately established with a purpose, Kayla Brissi LLC is a trailblazing company designed to transform and inspire. It serves as catapulting devices that encourage people and propel them toward greatness. To put it simply, the enterprise ultimately reflects Kayla’s quest of inspiring positive change among people. 

Built with the principles that Kayla Brissi lives by, the company seeks to catalyze change by providing opportunities for growth. As time went by, Kayla Brissi LLC has exceeded expectations and transformed lives across the world. With Kayla Brissi’s passion and perseverance, she launched another project that aims to nurture change by giving free life coaching and alternative holistic services to servicemen and women, no matter their military status, through the Dale J Paulin Memorial Fund—a program established to remember and honor her late father, a Vietnam Veteran who answered the call of duty and proudly served our country.

As Kayla explains, “I saw with my dad’s care that there was a gap in his treatment plan and a need for holistic and alternative treatment methods. Had I known then what I know now, his care plan would have looked a little bit different. For this reason, I want our service members to have other treatment methods available to them as additional support to the care they receive from medical professionals.”

In the hopes of inspiring more people around the world, Kayla translates her noble pursuits into words through writing. Last year, she released her first book entitled Healing from Grief, which became an international bestseller on Amazon. In July 2021, Kayla is set to release her second book called Transforming Inner Pain. Within the pages of her new work describes the challenges Kayla faced when she battled infertility, divorce, loss of a loved one, and mental health.

With everything that Kayla Brissi has achieved, she hopes to embolden people to move forward with change and embrace the greatness that comes with it. In the coming years, she hopes to see more and more individuals grow and motivate the next generation of changemakers to follow suit.

To know more about Kayla Brissi, you may visit her website.

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