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Buddy Ball Band Introduces Game-Changing New Exercise Tool

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Buddy Ball Band Introduces Game-Changing New Exercise Tool

November 18
07:36 2020
The brand focuses on keeping the users’ concentration when activating their core and getting in shape.

Buddy Ball Band is a much-needed addition to anyone’s exercise equipment. It prevents the ball from falling or rolling during exercise. It maintains the ball in one desired position to activate the core without any disruption.

The exercise ball dropping or rolling away while the user is in the zone is a common occurrence, and it can happen to anyone. It can be frustrating, especially when the user is trying to concentrate. The Buddy Ball Band System makes sure the ball stays still so that the user can keep that concentration in place.

This system is designed to free the users from worrying about the ball, so they can focus on their exercise routine. They can focus on activating their core without disruptions or distractions. The package includes high quality elastic bands made of 75 percent nylon and 25 percent silk latex, standard-sized quality Pilates ball in gray, carrier bag and bag hook and a free exclusive exercise video developed by professional fitness trainer with routines designed to get the core, butt and legs in great shape.

“We created a band and a system that lets you switch your movements easily, allowing you to target your core, thighs, inner and outer glutes all in one. No need to try to keep the ball in place and stopping in the middle of class when the ball is rolling because it is attached to your body,” stated the team behind Buddy Ball Band.

The Buddy Ball Band System uses isometric exercises, which are all about working the muscles to hold a position in order to build strength, endurance and healthy muscles. By adding the ball and band together for these exercises, the users can achieve better stability, mobility and core activation.

The brand created unique moves such as Leg extension / Squeeze, Standing Extension / Squeeze and Squat / Squeeze, which were developed by personal trainers to enhance the users’ workout with the Buddy Ball Band System.

“The Buddy Ball Band is a creative prop combo that reduces the potential ball drop during an intensive Barre class. Keeps the ball right where you want it,” reviewed Karen Copeland, a satisfied customer, Pilates instructor and owner of Pilates Place Studio.

Buddy Ball Band also works as a carrier for the users’ mat and ball for easy transportation. They can take it to the gym, studio or use it with their own ball at home. More information can be found at

About Buddy Ball Band

Buddy Ball Band’s CEO noticed many were more focused on keeping their ball in place than following the class and realized there was a need to fix the dilemma, leading her to create the concept for the Buddy Ball Band.

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