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BVOP Shares Its Tips for Project Managers for 2021

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BVOP Shares Its Tips for Project Managers for 2021

November 17
03:39 2020

The BVOP certification organization shares its top tips for beginners and advanced project managers. The organization has been offering certification in project management programs for 3 years now, and its representatives communicate regularly with project managers.

Applicants for the BVOP Project Management Certification Program are prepared free of charge by reading the BVOP Ultimate Guide book. However, the organization pays special attention to all inquiries and questions.

BVOP so far has many partners and supporters who share the teaching. Some are, for example, the American media, Scrum Time ISSN 2652-5445 Online serial issued by the Australian ISSN Agency, Agile Programming, ISSN 2652-5925 ISSN issued by The Australian ISSN Agency, PM.MBA,, and many others.

Over the years, BVOP has gathered some information about the professional habits of project managers. 2021 is approaching. BVOP shares the top 8 general tips for project managers for next year.

BVOP collected statistics on project failure and categorized several main reasons. There is no technical project. There are business projects with technical elements.

Many of the projects have strong technical content, especially when it comes to IT projects or those with enhanced IT involvement. A typical example of this is the introduction of a CRM program in a commercial organization. The project manager may be tempted to delve into the intricacies of technical implementation, especially if he feels competent in this area. And this will most likely lead to a major practical mistake. Because as a project manager, he is not expected to help with technology and take care of the details, but to manage the “big picture” – setting goals, moving in the right direction, controlling implementation and budget.

Already in the topic of technical and conceptual skills of the project manager, it was said that technical skills that are directly related to the profession and the relevant technical competence can seriously interfere. Conceptual skills, on the other hand, involve anticipation and thinking from different perspectives, which is what a good project manager expects. The project manager must be a specialist in their field. If they have an IT background, they should not be tempted to participate in technical tasks.

Time is not money.

One hour of planning today will save 2 hours of work tomorrow. And the work of the whole project team, not just the manager. People know how important good planning is for the task. But there is another danger here – unnecessary planning. It is not uncommon for a project manager to spend too much time drawing tables and diagrams, assigning people to tasks, preparing presentations and timelines, and so on. The main things that need to be carefully planned in practice are two – a deadline and a budget.

It seems simple, but when planning the deadline for a project, one of the two main mistakes is often made. First, the deadline is too short, accepted as such under pressure from the senior manager, most often after a command sentence or after the motivating remark: “I’m sure you can do it in a shorter time.” As a project manager, carefully plan the time required for the overall implementation and be sure to provide a reserve. Remember that time is money, but money cannot buy time.

The second main reason for the failure of a project is the insufficient budget. The well-known Cheops law in project management states that nothing is built within the allotted time and/or pre-set budget. When a project manager takes over the management of a project, the most important thing to consider is securing the budget, not managing Team building for the team, for example.

Every project manager needs a defined budget. Here is a simple practice here. When the project manager calculates the required budget, they may increase it by another 20%. And they should not give up on budget negotiations.

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