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Dr. Rashad Trabulsi gives the Chiropractic answer to prenatal back pain and breech baby correction techniques in NYC

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Dr. Rashad Trabulsi gives the Chiropractic answer to prenatal back pain and breech baby correction techniques in NYC

August 28
11:42 2020
Dr. Rashad Trabulsi gives the Chiropractic answer to prenatal back pain and breech baby correction techniques in NYC
A team of expert chiropractors is led by Dr. Rashad Trabulsi to help pregnant mothers attain healthy and easy delivery.

New York, NY, USA – Women experience countless physical and mental changes during her pregnancy. Their bodies and nervous systems face many difficulties in ensuring the well-being of their child. Keeping the child healthy while looking after themselves is quite a challenging task that every mother has to do. They have do go through a tremendous amount of back pain, which makes their pregnancy worse. However, many issues that may have gone unnoticed before could start showing up during pregnancy. For the same reason, health problems such as blood pressure problems, diabetes, and spinal misalignment problems can appear during pregnancy despite now showing any symptoms before. As a result, the spine, particularly the pelvic area, including the sacrum, can face abnormal shifts during pregnancy. Due to these abnormal shifts, a breech presentation can occur. The baby might find it difficult to turn his head down naturally due to less room inside the uterus. Studies show that 3-4 percent of pregnancies usually result in breech babies. Unlike normal babies, breech babies are positioned to come with their feet first. Breech pregnancies are complicated that often lead to C-section deliveries.

Mothers with breech babies can consult a trustworthy chiropractor such as Dr. Rashad Trabulsi to ensure the healthy and natural birth of their child. Usually, expected mothers consult chiropractors when they’re having back pain. However, chiropractors can even save mothers from going through C-section. Dr. Rashad Trabulsi at the Manhattan Wellness Group has been successfully dealing with breech baby correction for more than 16 years. He also has published numerous articles on this topic to spread awareness. As a successful board-certified Chiropractor of New York State, Dr. Rashad Trabulsi has been helping expected mothers pull off normal delivery despite having a breech baby. He has developed improved and enhanced approaches that include the Webster Technique for aligning the hips and pelvis of women and ease the uterus. His goal is to make enough room for the baby so that it can move its head naturally. His technique includes gentle adjustments for balancing the Sacroiliac joint and soft trigger point work for reducing the tension. It is recommended to visit the Manhattan Wellness Group and consult Dr. Rashad Trabulsi during the 30th to 32nd week of pregnancy.

Lower back pain in pregnancy is also quite a frustrating and painful experience – The lower body’s center of gravity changes with the growth of the baby. Since the change occurs in the core of the body, it leads to more stress on the joints of the lower back. Chiropractic care is a very effective and safe approach to reduce back pain during pregnancy. Dr. Rashad Trabulsi has been healing back pain for quite a long time. His remarkable techniques not only help in reducing pain for pregnant women but also reduces other complications. 

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