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Telehealth Mental Health Services By Sanare Today To Ensure Continued Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Telehealth Mental Health Services By Sanare Today To Ensure Continued Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic

May 07
13:57 2020
Telehealth Mental Health Services By Sanare Today To Ensure Continued Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Sanare Today is an Intensive Outpatient Program that helps people regain control of their lives. In order to continue helping people during the enforced social distancing and lockdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clinic has introduced telehealth mental health services.

According to announcements released by Sanare Today and Dr Lou Bevilacqua, this established Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) has introduced telehealth mental health services through Zoom. This is a brand-new service started to ensure mental health services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Telepsychiatry has been proven to be as effective as in-person care in terms of treatment and quality of care. Patient privacy and confidentiality can be maintained, where required. Telehealth mental health services may actually be preferred to in-patient treatment for people who suffer from severe anxiety disorders, for those constrained by time or physical disability, and those who live too far from a clinic.

According to sources, the benefits of video-based telehealth mental health services offered by Sanare Today include regular access to mental healthcare, sustainable and regular benefits that are accrued through group therapy, improved outcomes, etc. Patients need not miss therapy sessions because of the pandemic. Zoom is an easily downloaded video-conferencing smartphone app, and Sanare Today conducts its group therapy sessions through it. There’s a great degree of comfort in communicating with a therapist from the comfortable surroundings of one’s home. It often allows subjects to relax and open up, and thus talk about what’s on their minds.

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Dr Lou Bevilacqua of Sanare Today said, “In the wake of the global pandemic we, at Sanare, are at present conducting telehealth evaluations and group therapy sessions. Let’s learn to thrive together, no matter the circumstance. Through telemedicine, we aim to deliver mental health care via live and interactive communication. Physical distance and the pandemic-enforced lockdown does not have to stop our patients from receiving and benefiting from expert healing counsel.”

About the Intensive Outpatient Program, Dr Bevilacqua said, “Sanare Today provides help, treatment and support through intensive outpatient programming (IOP) for those hurting from depression, anxiety or addictions. Staff are trained and experienced in using the most effective strategies and therapies available such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioral Skills Training. Individuals will be welcomed during their first appointment, and the staff will complete a whole-person evaluation.”

He continued to say, “We believe in thinking outside the box and will assess an individual regarding their struggles with emotions, addictions, relationships, work/school, physical health and even spiritual struggles. Sanare Today Life Coaching is designed for individuals who would benefit from more experiential services instead of, or in addition to, traditional mental health or substance use treatment. Life coaching is an effective step down from the intensive outpatient program and effective addition to individual, one-on-one treatment.”

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