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A Passionate and Independent Journey of Kaleb Mickens (Cash Cartier), as a Successful Entrepreneur and an Inspirational Public Speaker

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A Passionate and Independent Journey of Kaleb Mickens (Cash Cartier), as a Successful Entrepreneur and an Inspirational Public Speaker

May 04
23:36 2020
Kaleb Mickens, better known as Cash Cartier is a young, passionate entrepreneur with more than six years of professional experience. He is a successful entrepreneur, while leading and directing his sales’ businesses in the world. He aims to further expand his business and travel around the world as a public speaker to inspire and assist those who want to become leading entrepreneurs.

Kaleb Mickens, who is better known as Cash Cartier, currently leads his own sales business and works as an entrepreneur and an inspirational public speaker. He grew up playing football and competed in the Indoor Football League (IFL) for several years. He then redirected his focus and passion and entered the business world. Cash Cartier started his own career as an entrepreneur with very humble beginnings and little business knowledge, but his passion and commitment has led him to grow into a very successful entrepreneur today. Cash first started gaining traction with his business in the United States, and has now expanded his network marketing business across the globe and aims to empower entrepreneurs to build and accelerate their own businesses.

Cash explains that success is not an immediate product. He believes that it requires time, passion, self-belief and hard work. Despite all of his challenges, he was passionate to initiate his own successful business and become an inspirational entrepreneur. Cartier began his entrepreneur career by becoming a full-time day trader and investor. He has almost 6 years of experience trading cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, and the stock-market.

He now has successfully generated and accumulated multiple streams of revenue from several of his business endeavors.

Cartier has become a momentum catalyst in the network marketing industry, in which he has been able to lead the industry by producing over 3.1 million dollars of revenue in annual sales for his company. This has gained him global recognition and launched him into one the top .05% of income earners in the network marketing industry. He is quickly becoming an icon in the network marketing industry in which he currently leads a sales team of over 3,000 customers and distributors worldwide.

Since childhood, Cash’s fervent use of the internet caused him to fall in love with internet marketing and social media. This enabled and empowered him to transform into a public figure on multiple social media platforms which has amassed him a very large following. He can be followed on his Instagram profile at or YouTube

Cash is now traveling the world as a public speaker and is helping many other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams. He inspires people to navigate the steps toward starting their own businesses. He consistently assists aspiring entrepreneurs to elevate their business, and helps educate them on saving their money, investing money and making better financial decisions to change their lives. Cartier also provides in-depth and action packed trainings for positive thinking, law of attraction and networks marketing, which stimulates and motivates others to achieve their business goals, he quotes, “My trainings goes into duplication, building leaders, how the subconscious mind works, how to build belief in yourself , how to create momentum in your business, leading with integrity. And so much more.”

This is Cash Cartier’s story of turning his dreams into reality and he hopes to inspire others to identify their inner skills and expertise to create their own success as an entrepreneur.

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