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Efficiently Arresting Airborne Respiratory Droplets With MERV 13

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Efficiently Arresting Airborne Respiratory Droplets With MERV 13

April 30
22:36 2020

A powerful or a higher MERV rated air filters are capable of arresting the tinier intruders, sizing between 0.3-0.1 micron, that can pose serious threats to your health. MERV 13 being a high rated filter is a good option these days for households since it has a better efficiency as compared to low rated filters or fibreglass filters even the U.S. Department of Energy proposes a minimum of MERV 13. A filter rated MERV 13 has been proven to capture harmful contaminants including different kinds of allergens, bacteria and viruses, smaller than one micron in size.

We are well aware that coughing and sneezing are a common way of transmitting pathogens through a huge number of very tiny droplets that can not be seen with naked eye. While coughing, a person can release around 3000 droplets and while sneezing one may release around 40000 droplets which may range between 0.5-12 microns.

A 16x25x1 air filter MERV 13, being the best home air defense system, captures the smaller airborne viruses and bacteria from coughs and sneezes and can also be named anti bacterial and anti virus air filters. Having tiny pores, it is designed to catch more pollutants more efficiently, catching tinier particles than a lower MERV rated filter. Normally a filter rated between MERV 8-10 is used in households being quite enough for the home environment and purifies well, however, to increase the level of protection, upgrading to a MERV 13 or higher rated filters will prove quite beneficial.

But at the same time the small pores may cause resistance in the air flow which will affect the indoor air quality and the performance of the system. However, proper guidance about picking the right filters with an uninterrupted air flow, regular maintenance and replacement of filters will help overcome these factors.

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