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Ronin Autom8 Triples Media Engagement for Chief Marketing Officers

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Ronin Autom8 Triples Media Engagement for Chief Marketing Officers

April 10
13:24 2020
Ronin Autom8 Triples Media Engagement for Chief Marketing Officers

New York – As this crisis reshapes the world around us, it’s a critical time for communications experts to begin upgrading their organizations’ media engagement and communications platform. Cost effective, yet profound potency are the new requirement for PR initiatives for organizations in all industries. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation technology offer instantaneous and maximized benefits on all fronts of pricing and efficiency in the public relations and the corporate communications space.  

Stitch Publicity’s new Ronin Autom8 platform utilizes bleeding edge innovations in A.I., machine learning, data science and dynamic database technology to offer the most powerful and robust platform for turnkey media engagement and corporate publicity strategies. Designed to bridge the gap between industry niches and the media, Ronin Autom8 cuts through the noise and has the potential to place organizations in front of hundreds of unique media opportunities a week.

Ronin Autom8’s surgically targeted and fully optimized platform caters to the new needs and financially conservative requirements of organizations with initiatives who are fighting for survival and clinging to established traction during this tumultuous time. Ronin Autom8 was designed to offer CMOs next generation automation and the all-encompassing leverage of turnkey customization for critical media engagement and communication. The outcome of this proprietary technology is a strategically evolved and competitive advantage for the companies who harness its capabilities.

As this crisis inhibits traditional communication, companies who are fighting to keep the lights on and executives employed, require every conceivable advantage at their disposal. Ronin Autom8 delivers profound results, at a fraction of the expense of public relations retainers. Clients can cover triple the distance in a fraction of the time with A.I. infused automation. 

Ronin Autom8 offers massive media coverage and outreach, extending to potentially thousands of matches every month. From day one, the technology will scan newly posted social media and news 24/7, forming a strategically synergistic industry niche focussed bank of media connections for the client. Media outreach is also automated and Ronin Autom8 offers the user various levels of communication automation from alerts of new social media conversations and content by journalists covering their niche, to fully automated identification and email messaging with press release or interview invitation that utilizes A.I. to custom author the communication on the client’s behalf.

Connections are created by tracking defined target keywords within media coverage, facilitating connections with journalists, news organizations and influencers. If the media coverage matches, a pitch and connection can be automated, activating a cascade of opportunities for organizations. By creating mutually beneficial relationships, organizations can expect to quickly see an increase in and wider range of media opportunities including media features, interviews, collaborations and partnerships appear in their inbox and calendar.

As the first of its kind, Ronin Autom8 also guarantees a powerful platform for rallying a support base, even during this era of crisis. With the use of targeted artificial intelligence technology, CMOs can expect to see immense growth in their organizations’ support base.

For communications experts, establishing a strong publicity strategy to deepen the support base is integral to the successful brand traction and consistency of an organization. Providing unique and automated ways for corporate executives to connect with key stakeholders and niche audiences, Ronin Autom8 will deliver initiative maximization by finding patrons to suit the drive and vision of the client. This technology is more than a game-changer for organizations who rely on traditional public relations firms or word of mouth. The Ronin Autom8 platform has created a new global standard for the next generation of organizational media engagement strategies. It’s time to evolve! 

About Stitch Publicity:

Stitch Publicity is a public relations firm composted of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and high stakes political and corporate PR. Stitch Publicity’s unification of proprietary bleeding edge technology and elevated utilization of asymmetric and next generation media engagement and promotional tools, tactics and strategies offers corporate and political movements the leverage of a hyper evolved platform that automates and expedites much of the work traditionally limited by the slow moving and error vulnerable human element. Stitch Publicity offers clients the ability to triple the distance, in a fraction of the time, and at a deeply discounted price point. Contact Stitch Publicity today and watch your ideas become a global industry niche movement!

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