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Introducing HappyDish – Give Pets A Chance To Enjoy Every Meal

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Introducing HappyDish – Give Pets A Chance To Enjoy Every Meal

April 03
04:30 2020

We are excited to introduce HappyDish, a modern AI pet food service that brings variety to your pets diet and aims to solve a common pet owner dilemma: how to figure out what my pet likes to eat?

A lot of times, pet owners notice that their furry friends leave food in the dish, no matter the brand of pet food. This same dilemma was faced by Erik Engstrom and Dan Wheeler, who realized that eating at mealtimes were becoming a chore for their three cats and as a result they were begging for treats more often.

They soon realized that it was the prospect of eating the same thing, every single day that was turning their cats away from their meals.

Like human beings, cats also want variety, textures and novel flavors to prickle their tastebuds. Unfortunately, once a pet discovers a food it likes, most pet owners make the mistake of giving them the same thing every day.

Sensing this gap, we bring to you HappyDish, a revolutionary new AI pet food system that can determine 20 to 25 foods that your pets like based on your pets diagnostics, so that mealtimes become a source of joy for your furry friends again.

The aim of HappyDish is to measure the baseline happiness of your pet so that it can identify their individual tastes over time. HappyDish gives more power to your pets by letting them select what they want to eat next and adjusts according to your pets changing tastes.

The system comes with three components:

Patented Dish: The patented dish scans the food to understand your pets preference. It comes with a built-in camera that monitors how much your pet is eating. It also has a feature that keeps pet consumption clear even if you have multiple pets.

Mobile App: The dish gathers the data and transfers it to the AI. You can access the data through the HappyDish mobile app, laptop or any smart device.

Cloud Services: Through our strategic retail partnership with grocery stores like Walmart and Target, we will be able to automatically place food orders for your pets based on their individual food preference data. Additionally, we also offer direct-to-customer shipping options. You also have the choice to turn off the automatic food shipping feature of HappyDish if you want to go and buy the pet food yourself.

Simply scan a pet food, put it in a dish and then place a bowl on the HappyDish station. As your pet interacts with the food, our AI system will be tracking their interest, consumption velocity, time of the day, and every other metric that is available in the pet world. 

These elements are analyzed through several machine learning algorithms and create a Happiness Score for your pet. Once an AI model for you pets preference has been made, HappyDish will be able to predict foods that your pet would enjoy eating. It will also advise you on how to mix and combine various pet foods so that you can add the wow” factor to your pets mealtimes.

If you are truly invested in the happiness of your pet, you wont go wrong with giving HappyDish a try. If you want to find out more about us and support our venture, you can visit us at

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