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Pat Mazza, The Evolution Mentor, Launches Ground-breaking Sales Training for Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals

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Pat Mazza, The Evolution Mentor, Launches Ground-breaking Sales Training for Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals

March 20
22:51 2020
Pat Mazza, The Evolution Mentor, Launches Ground-breaking Sales Training for Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals
The generous philanthropist and sales trainer has helped thousands of salespeople to reach their true potential.

TORONTO, CANADA – Pat Mazza, the renowned Evolution Mentor, is pleased to announce he has launched his ground-breaking sales training specifically designed for entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Pat Mazza is one of the world’s top salespeople, having tripled annual quotas at companies such as Google and Microsoft.  He has coached thousands of average salespeople into the top 10% through his innovative and powerful sales training programs.

Mazza initially conquered the Internet with a social media platform, Evolution Mentor, that reaches millions of individuals interested in success, personal growth and sales. Today, Pat Mazza is excited to help an even larger number of struggling salespeople worldwide with a sales program called Limitless Sales.

The Limitless Sales program aims to turn the sales rep, struggling to hit their quota, into a sales rockstar.  In fact, Mazza is guaranteeing that salespeople will double their quota within a year, or they will receive a full refund.  The entire goal behind the Limitless Sales program is to help as many people as possible earn more money in their own sales career.

The release of this brand-new program is a bit of a homecoming for Mazza, who began his career in sales at Google and then at Microsoft, with over 12+ years of sales experience.  While at these global giants, Mazza took the initiative to coach other sales reps and was highly praised by management for doing so.  Mazza has also offered online coaching via Skype and has spoken at hundreds of events worldwide.  Mazza has transformed struggling salespeople, barely meeting their quotas, by teaching them goal setting, sales strategies, and ultimately helping them join the top 10% in their league.

“It was completely natural,” remembers Mazza. “Success to me is making a positive impact on others and promoting the common good in the world.  Helping those that are struggling gave me the best opportunity to make the greatest impact, to bring the most good into the world.  I’ve at least doubled, if not tripled, my quota in the last 7 years from selling. I never thought of sales coaching as a career, but nothing is more rewarding than helping struggling reps who need a hand.”

Mazza did, however, formalize his interest in coaching with a mentorship of his own, under Dr. Wayne Dyer.  With life experience, and Dyer’s guidance behind him, Mazza next turned to the Internet where he established himself as a leading personal growth and success authority among his fellow millennials.  Working via Skype and Instagram, Mazza quickly became known as The Millennial Mentor.

Mazza’s clients weren’t the only ones who took notice:  Professor David Long of East Carolina University, for instance, had this to say after working with Mazza: “Pat Mazza is the most selfless individual who only cares about making this world a better place.  His knowledge of self-improvement and sales is unparalleled, and the changes he’s helped clients achieve are remarkable. Pat is the true ‘Giver of Value.’”

Mazza’s success in coaching others and passion for sales and personal growth encouraged him to establish his own social-engagement platform, Evolution Mentor, which serves as a hub for more than one million followers. But still, Mazza felt that there was more work to be done.

“Most of my work to date has been helping struggling sales reps 1 on 1,” he explains. “That’s why I’m so proud to launch a sales program that can help the masses.   For those with the means and wherewithal to reach me, I’ll always be here for 1 on 1 coaching. But I wanted to offer something that’s affordable to everyone.  My program will be accessible to everyone to help them double their quota and turn their sales career around.”

To learn more about how Pat Mazza is bringing the worlds best sales training to those who need it most, please contact Pat Mazza at [email protected] or visit


Pat Mazza is quite the philanthropist and has been known to make large donations – upwards of $50,000 – to charities such as The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Mazza has indicated that all of the profits he earns from Limitless Selling in 2020 will be donated to The Hospital of Sick Children on December 31st, streamed via Instagram Live.

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