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Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is not only a professional medical practitioner but also a rising social media star with an increasing number of followers on Instagram

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Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is not only a professional medical practitioner but also a rising social media star with an increasing number of followers on Instagram

March 19
04:12 2020
The wonder doctor from Oman is on the verge of becoming a new digital sensation!

Jenkintown, PA, USA – The field of medicine is considered to be one of the toughest professions today due to numerous grinding exams and the work ethic it requires. This is why doctors and medical personnel are stereotyped to be always involved in their work and never being able to find time to spend with others. Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui, however, is reversing this narrative by his unique lifestyle and prominent social media presence which is inspiring his followers from across the globe.

Dr. Salim Rashid, along with being a doctor, is also a terrific public educator, director, actor, and athlete. He was born in Oman in the year 1992, and from a very young age showed a keen interest in studies. After obtaining an amazing 96.9% in his secondary school, he pursued higher studies from one of the best universities in his region, the Sultan Qaboos University. The talented young doctor graduated from there in 2017 with an A. Dr. Rashid has accumulated vast experience as a doctor. In the course of his career, he has worked in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Royal Hospital, Army Force Hospital, Ibri Regional Hospital, and various other clinics and polyclinics.

Dr. Salim took a keen interest in Instagram when he was blessed with a daughter named Hams after marriage in 2018. He started to share his personal life with his followers via his Instagram account that can be accessed here: Currently, he has over 205,000 followers with whom he has shared loving personal moments. His daughter, who has already become a star will have her own Instagram account once she grows up. In the words of Al Qamshoui: “People in Oman are surprised with my Instagram account, and have given me great respect. They are surprised to know that even doctors like to travel, enjoy life and share their experiences.”

Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is making full use of his Instagram account by being true to the spirit of the Medical Profession. He shares priceless medical information and stories from his life as a doctor with his followers which makes his account one of a kind. Other than this, he has worked as an actor, usually playing the role of a doctor and co-starring with other YouTube stars. He is in high demand for his handsome posture and exceptional acting skills. Among the videos is one (كلنا معك قابوس سلطان السلام) which has received more than 95k views on YouTube and is popular on Faisal test TV channel where some of his videos have received more than a million views.

About the Person:

Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is a versatile personality who is a medical doctor, actor, director, and a public educator. He has promoted and supported many people and various shops and ventures. In the future too, he will continue to attend events from various walks of life and also make educational videos.

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