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Launch Five Series of Activities and Implement Three Types of Policy Support

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Launch Five Series of Activities and Implement Three Types of Policy Support

March 16
22:21 2020
Hangzhou comprehensive pilot area launched the service season of “Direct train for helping enterprises, cross-border warm spring travel”.

On March 12, 2015, Hangzhou received a gift package from the State Council, and the construction of the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area in China was started. On March 12, 2020, in order to better help enterprises solve difficult problems and promote development, Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot office launched the service season activity of “Direct train for helping enterprises, cross-border warm spring travel”, jointly with Zhejiang foreign exchange administration, Qianjiang customs and Hangzhou taxation bureau.

Start five activities of service season  Help enterprises reduce costs, expand the market and create brands

From March to May, the service season of “Direct train for helping enterprises, cross-border warm spring travel” will be conducted in Hangzhou comprehensive pilot area by the combination of online and offline ways to carry out five activities, including cloud service station, policy live room, platform of sharing and exchanging, cross-border cloud job fair and offline centralized visit, to help cross-border e-commerce enterprises reduce costs, expand the market and create brands.

Setting up the service cloud station and relying on the mobile phone mutual assistance app of the eBOX innovative project service platform and the WeChat public account of the comprehensive pilot area. The purpose is to facilitate the communication and feedback system during the process of achieving production and efficiency for enterprises.

We will set up a policy live room, the comprehensive pilot office, regulatory departments and service agencies. Those will interpret policies and service measures in the form of live broadcast and answer questions online to build a one-stop platform for releasing of preferential policies and measures. There will be a live broadcast every week with the themes of supporting policies and measures for cross-border e-commerce by government departments, opening cross-border logistics channels and reducing logistics costs for logistics enterprises and helping enterprises reduce financing service costs and cross-border collection rates by financial payment institutions.

Launch the platform of sharing and exchanging, invite mainstream platforms such as Alibaba international station, Amazon, Instant messenger, eBay, and emerging market platforms such as LAZADA, Jiayun, Shopee, Zhiyu and Jiku to share the practical dry goods, service guarantee and solutions, and answer questions online, so that cross-border e-commerce enterprises can understand the latest platform support policies, adjust the operation strategies as soon as possible, and realize the transformation from sales to brand creation. We plan to hold once a week.

Hold cross-border cloud job fairs. From March to June, we will cooperate with cross-border e-commerce platforms, industrial parks, cross-border e-commerce enterprises and universities in Hangzhou to hold 14 cross-border e-commerce talent cloud job fairs which relying on online comprehensive service platforms. These job fairs will provide tens of thousands of positions, and carry out online job searching, resume delivering and video interview services. Cross-border e-commerce enterprises and job seekers can publish free recruitments, job information, build a talent resource docking platform at the job fairs.

Implement three major types of supporting policies  Focus on supporting brand promotion and warehousing logistics

At the first live broadcast activity on March 12, Hangzhou comprehensive pilot office interpreted the recent cross-border e-commerce supporting policies. Zhejiang Foreign Exchange Administration introduced the cross-border e-commerce measures of financial foreign exchange services. Qianjiang customs introduced the cross-border e-commerce measures of customs services. Moreover, Hangzhou tax bureau also introduced the relevant policies of tax assistance for cross-border e-commerce convenient tax refund.

Introduction of China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area

China (Hangzhou) cross border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area (short for “Comprehensive pilot area”) was established in March 2015. Due to the construction of information sharing system, financial service system, intelligent logistics system, e-commerce integrity system, statistical monitoring system, risk prevention and control system, as well as online platform (online comprehensive service platform), offline platform (comprehensive park) and other “six systems and two platforms”, “three in one” are realized including cross-border e-commerce information flow, capital flow and goods logistics. Based on this, with the organic integration of “online transaction freedom” and “offline comprehensive service” as its characteristics, it focuses on the innovation on “three major areas” including system construction, government management and service integration. They are also striving for cross-border e-commerce new breakthroughs in eight aspects, including “establish a new regulatory system of cross-border e-commerce and a comprehensive regulatory service platform of ‘online comprehensive service platform’. As well as providing innovate cross-border e-commerce financial services, logistics service, innovation of cross-border e-commerce credit management, establishment of cross-border e-commerce statistical monitoring system, formulation of cross-border e-commerce rules and innovation of e-commerce talent development mechanism”, so that to realize the free, convenient and standardized development of cross-border e-commerce.

In the future, we will strive to cultivate more than 30 global digital trade platforms with an annual trading volume of more than 10 billion RMB by 2022, serve more than 3 million global supply chains and small and medium-sized micro enterprises in five aspects, including building a global digital trade platform cluster, a global digital trade service center, an open and efficient digital port, a digital trade industry cooperation corridor and a global digital trade development and communication platform. We will also strive to the purpose that the proportion of Hangzhou digital trade can be more than 30% of the whole city’s foreign trade, fostering and driving more than 200 Hangzhou digital trade brands to the world, and accelerating the formation of new advantages of Hangzhou digital trade with the core of technology, standards, brands, quality and service.

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