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The emergence of the “new world” of the ATIS main chain will practice Atlantis civilization

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The emergence of the “new world” of the ATIS main chain will practice Atlantis civilization

February 05
20:36 2020

AITS is a group composed of “genius geeks” and IT elites in the dark web. AITS upholds and practices the Atlantis civilization as its own responsibility. It adheres to the better application of modern technology and defends the free circulation and security of value, information, and wealth, so as to create a more advanced, scientific and fair governance civilization, and regain wealth Flowing, Pratt & Whitney now.

AITS: Create a “New World” in the name of the future

Equality: In the “new world” created by AITS, everyone can enter without having to consider privileges or prejudice from race, money, force, place of birth. Without the flesh, the “new world” of AITS is everywhere and nowhere to be found.

Freedom: In the “new world” created by AITS, everyone can freely express his or her thoughts or demands, upload their own plans, no matter how strange such thoughts or demands are, and no longer fear being forced to silence or force Uniform.

Peace: In the “new world” created by AITS, everyone is unique. Distributed accounting technology allows every merit that has occurred to be remembered by everyone, and every sin has nowhere to hide. Criminal records accompany life. Everyone joins together through the consensus mechanism to solve the greater global challenges: climate, disease, hunger, ethnic relations, economic crisis, human morality, and cosmic space, so as to build a future where life is better protected.

Value: In the “new world” created by AITS, data bodies of all dimensions such as data, information, assets, wealth, relationships, time, and labor can be connected and exchanged, and there are no regional and centralized barriers.

Fairness: In the “new world” created by AITS, people can create rewards corresponding to future assets by creating value with wisdom, time, and belief. Just like people in the real-world application believe in Bitcoin, future digital assets in the new world are Human belief.

AITS connects a better future

In the “new world” created by AITS, people do not obtain order through physical coercion. People’s identities and interests are distributed in many digital spaces. One principle universally recognized by constitutional culture: machine governance, code is law.

This is the ATIS “New World” civilization!

According to the Mayan calendar, the earth civilization has several regeneration cycles, the highest level is the Atlantis civilization, also known as the civilization of light. Atlantis civilization naturally takes the mission of maintaining peace, freedom, and fairness, advocating value and respect, self-discipline it, and the evolution and integration of man and nature.

The emergence of ATIS “new world” civilization may restrict the tendency of high-level civilization to unilaterally dominate social resources, and better solve the problems of the civilized governance system where the general public is marginalized and gradually out of control.

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