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Groundbreaking Book by Well-Known Neurologist Highlights Demand for Healthcare Professionals to Instigate Leadership to Reduce Burnout and Suicide Rates

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Groundbreaking Book by Well-Known Neurologist Highlights Demand for Healthcare Professionals to Instigate Leadership to Reduce Burnout and Suicide Rates

January 31
04:57 2020
The high value book provides insights on how to transform a new physician into an inspirational leader.

Albuquerque, NM – A groundbreaking e-book by well-known neurologist, Atif Zafar, MD, is highlighting the critical demand for new healthcare professionals to instigate leadership skills, in order to help reduce the number of cases of burnout and suicide among physicians, medical students, and interns.

The e-book, entitled Why Doctors Need to be Leaders: A Call to Action Amidst the Evolving Complexities of Healthcare, is being termed as the textbook of leadership for physicians and medical students around the world.  The book was specifically written to help inspire medical professionals to change their mindset, unshackle their intrinsic abilities of leadership, and to help them think outside of the box.

“As a neurologist, researcher, and mentor, I am disappointed to see the level of frustration and burn-out among physicians, medical trainees, and even nurses,” says Dr. Zafar.  “One physician in the US commits suicide every single day, with 23% of interns reporting suicidal thoughts.  Additionally, physicians are frustratingly spending two hours on electronic health records and clerical work for every hour they provide direct patient care.  These charts are becoming a heavy burden for our frontline staff.”

In Why Doctors Need to be Leaders, Dr. Zafar indicates there is no structure or curriculum related to leadership for medical students, trainees or early-career physicians.  This lack of leadership training has left a gap and has resulted in external dictation and directions by insurance payers, billing companies, government departments, and others.  The eventual result is what we see today: both patients and their providers are in misery.

“Healthcare is rapidly evolving and specializing in medicine is just not enough,” states Dr. Zafar.  “As doctors, we must learn to create value by learning beyond just the practice of medicine and build a knowledge-base and skills set in Business Management, Administration, Strategic Implementation, Patient Advocacy, Research & Development, Entrepreneurship, Sales & Marketing, Tech Innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), or Healthcare Economics & Hospital/Practice Finance.”

According to Dr. Zafar, by learning these attributes and applying this knowledge and skill set (which are discussed in the book), medical students can jump start their career and better cope with the mental health challenges that come from being a professional in the healthcare industry.

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About the Author

Atif Zafar is a neurologist, researcher, entrepreneur, advocate, mentor, coach, and life-long student of science and leadership. Dr. Zafar holds various leadership positions and is continuously inspired by his patients, colleagues and the three women in his family: his mother, wife and sister.

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